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It’s On

It’s quite a weekend; Hard Spun and Street Sense face off in Kentucky, while Curlin takes on Lawyer Ron in the Jockey Club Gold Cup. Turfway Park did well to ensure that the heavy hitters turned up for the Kentucky Cup Classic — there’s a $150,000 bonus on the line for horses who have won […]

Breeders’ Cup Oddities

First, a minor rant — this year’s tickets are being sent via UPS — fine, I’ve gotten them that way in previous years, even if it does seems like a waste of money to send a letter informing you where your seats will be, rather than just mailing the tickets. However, this year they have […]

Barbaro the Musical

Yes, it’s finally a reality — a Broadway musical based on Barbaro’s story, starring Brad Pitt:

Mr. Pitt, who will play Dean Richardson, the surgeon who fought valiantly to save Barbaro’s life, said the action in Barbaro the Musical begins two weeks following the horse’s death, “when reports of the first Barbaro sightings began to […]

USA vs. Brazil

As you are no doubt aware, we are nearing the finals of the Women’s World Cup; Germany secured their place at the big dance by defeating Norway today. The US faces off against a talented Brazil side tomorrow and for some peculiar reason coach Greg Ryan has decided that now is the time to switch […]

Proud Member of the Brass Hat Brigade

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Brass Hat? The Boston Herald has a great article on his win in the revived MassCap this past weekend; it seems only fitting that a horse on his second career resurgence win the reborn race. Frankly, I was surprised to see the odds so long on him […]

Promises Something For Everyone

The big 3-year-old races this weekend (the Super Derby and the Brooklyn, in case you have not been paying attention) almost seem like episodes of The Love Boat or Fantasy Island — some mid-level, otherwise not newsworthy regular cast members, and a very special guest star for each one. Playing the roles that might be […]


Apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy few days. Without further ado, a quick rundown:

Rags to Riches: I hope we do see her next year; I doubt we will. One has to wonder whether she is truly delicate (as her half-brother, Jazil, seemed to be) or if she is simply under […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Even if he never wins a race, at least The Green Monkey has, in a sense, accomplished something — word is that the long-running feud between Coolmore/Ballydoyle and Darley/Godolphin has ended. It seems that the Godolphin folks noticed that refusing to buy horses sired by Coolmore stallions was not a great move from a racing […]

Want to Fix US Racing?

No, not that sort of fix. It’s an unfortunate fact that many top level race horses have brief careers. While it is something of a universal, I believe the problem is much worse in North America compared to the rest of the world. A random comparison of a few top horses in training (excluding geldings) […]

To Jab Or Not To Jab

Obviously this would have happened a lot sooner if the US were affected by equine influenza in the same fashion, but it seems that a class action lawsuit is starting to come together in Australia. I am intrigued to see exactly who they plan to sue.

Disagreement continues over whether or not vaccination should […]