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Dem Bones

Bones seem to be the theme of much TB news this week…apart from the obvious Barbaro updates (more on those later), it has been announced that Kentucky Horse Park’s International Museum of the Horse has asked for the skeleton of Lexington to be returned to Kentucky.

For the uninitiated, Lexington was the most famous American […]

De Colores

Well, we finally know who bought the very colorful Trust N Luck filly; I had thought one of the color-breeding farms might go for her (although the genetics behind her particular pattern are apparently unusual even for white thoroughbreds), but she was bought by Naveed Chowhan, who also owns Red Cherries Spin, one of this […]

Del Cap Recap

Despite the oppressive heat, Del Cap day was quite enjoyable. We walked past a smiling Michael Matz in the paddock and on the escalator, Kenny Mayne was signing autographs and the Steadicam (right) was at the ready throughout.

Jerry Bailey was taller up close than I had imagined him to be, but I suppose I‘m […]

Del Cap Weekend

It’s Del Cap weekend at Delaware Park, and while the main event looks to be another win for Fleet Indian (at least on paper), I think La Reason and Friel’s For Real will be up there as well. After the shockers in today’s sprint races, though, you can never really tell — Nightmare Affair taking […]

Friday Improvement

Barbaro is ‘doing much better‘ today; there is some video here from the New Bolton Center. He is officially termed ‘stable‘ which is certainly good news, given the very downbeat reports yesterday. While today’s news is good, Barbaro is still a long way from the great shape he was in two weeks ago, and the […]

Barbaro Update

In addition to the infection in his pastern, Barbaro has undergone a hoof wall resection in his ‘good’ leg to address the severe laminitis that has developed — nearly 80% of the hoof had to be removed. He is in a sling part of the day to help alleviate some of the weight on the […]


Superfecta is back from her family emergency and normal updates will now resume.

It has been a busy news week; obviously Barbaro’s condition is the biggest worry right now. The Washington Post details the latest surgery and the problems in the other hind leg; the NY Times covers much the same territory, but with some […]


Although Barbaro’s cast change went well on Monday (articles here and here) and his x-rays look great, it seemed he was a bit uncomfortable with the new cast and so it was replaced again. The good news is that there was no obvious reason for his discomfort, so fingers crossed it’s just one of those […]

Delayed Weekend Roundup

Our rundown of the weekend’s events was a bit delayed thanks to yesterday’s short-but-powerful storm which knocked out our television, internet connection and commuter line until a good 24 hours after the event. I’m sure I had a number of witty and/or clever comments which have since left my brain, so here are the remainders: