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Good News

Everyone is very happy with Barbaro’s progress; Dr. Dean Richardson spoke in the news conference today:“Things are definitely better. I’d be disingenuous if I’d suggest they’re not better eight days post-op. Things are much better in terms of prognosis. But he’s still a long, long way from being discharged from the hospital.”

He did […]


My novelty bet prediction came in — Aragorn won the Shoemaker Breeders’ Cup Mile! Once again, I didn’t actually bet it, and naturally he was the longest shot on the board. Such is life.

Barbaro’s news conference is scheduled for 10:30 am — it’s actually on television here!Tags:Barbaro, Horse Racing



As per usual, I managed to pick a winner but didn’t get a chance to bet (still unpacking). Silver Train won the Met Mile (with a little help from Edgar Prado) and it sounds as though Bandini had a bit of a rough trip. Well done to Sun King for getting up there for second. […]

More Barbaro tidbits

A few other articles of note this weekend…the Lexington Herald-Leader proposes special Eclipse Awards for the Jacksons and for Edgar Prado. Sounds fair enough to me. Newsweek summarizes what’s happened so far. Andrew Beyer has an article on how the calculations are often made as to whether or not to try to save an injured […]

Comings and goings

I finally have an internet connection again; while I haven’t yet unpacked everything from my move, I do have my priorities in order. Which leads us (naturally) to How’s Barbaro Today?, our regular feature. All signs are good so far; there’s a nice article in the NY Times called ‘Smart, Strong, Beguiling: Barbaro wears a […]


Barbaro is recovering well so far, although of course there’s a long road ahead. The folks at New Bolton are doing a great job keeping everyone updated — they are planning on having a daily update at 3 pm and have links to related video around the web. They have also set up an email […]

Further Barbaro updates

New Bolton is now posting regular official updates on Barbaro’s condition; so far, things seem to be going as well as can be expected. The Blood-Horse reports he is ‘bright and frisky‘ and they have a photo gallery (including an equally awe-inspiring and distubring photo of his post-surgery x-rays) of his recovery to this point. […]

Latest updates

Tim Woolley Racing (another Fair Hill operation) is keeping a blog updated with the latest developments on Barbaro’s surgery. As of now, he is in the recovery pool.

Update: He’s standing in an intensive care stall now.

Fingers crossed again.

Tags:Barbaro, Horse Racing



Barbaro’s surgery is scheduled for this morning; it sounds as though so far he has been a perfect patient. I’ll actually be near New Bolton today (and hence away from the computer/TV); at least we know he’s getting the best treatment possible.

I am now trying to remember if the horse who broke through the […]


The first sinking feeling came when Barbaro broke through the gate prematurely; at that point I was just worried he would not win. That seems like a terrible thought now. As of 7.15 pm on Saturday, he was on his way to the New Bolton Center for probable surgery on his hind ankle; if there […]