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NBC + Bravo + Women + Sports = FAIL

Hey, ladies – did you know you like to watch the Kentucky Derby because you are distracted by shiny, pretty things? Â You don’t really like sports – NBC’s senior vice president of marketing, Mike McCarley, said so:

“Women are watching the Derby more for the spectacle than the sporting event,” McCarley said. “There’s a […]

Tuesday Metapost

Gabby's Golden Gal

Perhaps the most exciting race of the previous weekend was the Santa Monica – somehow, Gabby’s Golden Gal went off at 11-1 odds. Granted, she did not show much in her final effort as a 3-year-old (and first race since a disappointing effort in July), finishing a distant seventh behind Evita […]

The Sunshine Millions: Were You Aware?


Remember when the Sunshine Millions was such a big deal that the series was shown on ESPN, and Magna could produce a working website for it? No? It was only a few short years ago, but in case you missed it, it was a fun idea: horses in California and Florida take […]

24 Hour Party People

Many in the racing community were disheartened to learn of the removal of partymanners‘ well-curated collection of racing videos from YouTube, and there has been some thoughtful commentary from the R2 Collective and Ed DeRosa (among others). Having weighed in on the value partymanners adds to the racing world last year, it only seems right […]

Keeping Time

I wrote a new post about the Breeders’ Cup Marathon last week for the NTRA that has yet to appear there (in case you’re wondering why part of a ‘new’ article will be out of date by the time you read it), but since that’s not up yet, why not check out my most recent […]

Epic Television FAIL Shockingly Not Racing-related

Sometimes, just sometimes, racing fans catch a break – on both Saturday and Sunday, ESPN actually showed some racing. American soccer fans were not as fortunate; while we got the desired result (we’re going to the World Cup!), watching the qualifying game in question was not an option for most. But this time around, we […]

Jockeys in the Wild

Because time is short today, and you can never have enough Simon Pegg, today we offer two ‘jockey’ sketches from Big Train spliced together:

Live Nude Jockeys

Isn’t it odd that ESPN the Magazine chose to Alex Solis to represent naked jockeys, over Chantal Sutherland, for their clothing-optional issue (out on Friday)? You can watch him getting some nether-makeup here (about 1:10 in on the video) as he prepares for his closeup; note that Levi the horse avoids total nudity (and, apparently, […]

Beware the Weekend Post!

This year’s edition of the Super Derby at Louisiana Downs may not be its most stellar, but it does have an interesting cast of horses who have something to prove (a perfect setup for ‘Jockeys’ – but more on that later). Regal Ransom blew the doors off his more-heralded stablemate Desert Party in the UAE […]

Not Quite Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Cool

The Blood-Horse’s Tom LaMarra noted earlier this week that our fair commonwealth of Pennsylvania has launched a marketing campaign to make the track ‘cool’ again. I noticed an ad on on Tuesday and it prompted mixed emotions; while I was pleased to see that someone had taken the initiative to buy ad space, the […]