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Belmont in Decent Merchandise Shocker

Yes, it’s finally happened — a major racing event has managed to offer a variety of commemorative merchandise that does not suck. This year’s offerings for the Belmont are really rather good — women’s t-shirts that actually fit (and only a minority of the designs look as though they are aimed at 13-year-old girls with […]

Horses Americans Should Know III: Zarkava

This post also appears at TheRail.

Big Brown isn’t the only unbeaten three-year-old looking for racing glory this year; the French-trained filly Zarkava looks set to be a major story throughout the summer and beyond. Trained by Alain de Royer Dupré, she has won all four of her races effortlessly, despite going up against top-class […]

Aren’t We All?

In response to questions about past financial misdeeds, IEAH co-president Michael Iavarone said:

“I guess what I’m most disappointed about is that this whole Triple Crown run has been turned into me first and the horse second.”

Yes, it’s all about you!

I guess what I’m most disappointed about (apart from that) is that […]

RIP, Nashoba’s Key

Another one from the News That Sucks department — Nashoba’s Key was euthanized today after injuring herself in her stall:

Bred and owned by Warren Williamson, and trained by Carla Gaines, Nashoba’s Key won 8 of 10 starts and $1,252,090.

Gaines was unavailable for comment, but released a one-paragraph […]

Time, Like An Ever-Rolling Stream

Today’s first point of order is a welcome to new readers from TheRail – thank you for stopping by, it’s lovely to have you visit. And so on to business. As in politics, a week is a long time in horse racing. Only two short months ago, The Blood-Horse ran this headline:

Unknowns Big […]

Big Drama

While much of the news over the long weekend focused on Big Brown’s latest quarter crack (Fran’s HoofBlog will be getting more details direct from his farrier later in the week, so keep checking for updates), the rumors over who will ride Casino Drive continue to swirl. Garrett Gomez is now definitely out of that […]

We Criticize Because We Love

There are some great moments in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are also a number of brain-hurtingly bad things that could have been easily avoided with just a quick glance at Google Maps which make someone like me with a bunch of otherwise useless degrees in drinking archaeology get rather […]

Jockey Changes and Lawsuits

While it may seem as though it’s all Big Brown, all the time (and hey, you may as well get it while you can), there are, in fact, some older horses in training. Brass Hat (pictured) takes aim at the Louisville Handicap this weekend. He’ll be the high weight in the mile and a half […]

Speaking of Big Brown…

Big Brown has settled in well at Belmont:

Big Brown’s co-owner, Mike Iavarone, revealed the unbeaten three-year-old has already acclimatised to New York life.

“Once he arrived at Barn Two, Big Brown made himself at home,” said Iavarone.

“He munched some hay, awaited for his red, rubber […]

Horses Americans Should Know II: Soviet Song

Welcome to the second installment in our occasional series. Today’s featured horse is Irish-bred, British-based mare Soviet Song.

Soviet Song was bred and raced by Elite Racing Club; she remains a part of their operation today as a broodmare. The Club’s structure is one that would be most welcome in American racing; […]