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While perusing my local old-money magazine (everyone has one of those, right?), I came across on article on racing partnerships. Granted, I live in a fairly horsey area (what with the Devon Horse Show being a major event on the both the social and barn set calendars), but it still struck me as unusual to […]

What’s All This, Then?

You may have noticed the new box on the right proclaiming ‘Take Back The Race‘ and wondered precisely what that meant. Well, in conjunction with some of my fellow (mostly female) TBA members (check Green But Game for more details), we’ve suggested some alternatives to the plans announced by the Breeders’ Cup.

Many of us […]


The Derby trail heats up this weekend with the Louisiana Derby; Pyro is back (and even has his own Wikipedia entry) and faces Majestic Warrior and Tale of Ekati, both of whom I have very much been looking forward to seeing. Blackberry Road seems to be a cut below the top class, but you never […]

Big Cap Weekend

The Big Cap is truly big this year — it equals 2002’s 14-horse field as the largest in the past 25 years. In Lava Man’s absence, a number of legitimate contenders have stepped into the fray — Awesome Gem (right), Student Council and Go Between already have plenty of older-horse cred, while Tiago and Great […]

Ladies’ Day – Some Further Thoughts

After having more time to mull it over, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are quite a few things I don’t like about the new Breeders’ Cup setup (although I’m obviously in favor of making the Friday races mean more), but also that there are some good solutions possible.

Major Bad […]

I Get A Free Ticket, Right?

Clearly, the Breeders’ Cup people read our blogs, since we’ve been calling for this for, oh, about a year — hats off to Handride for the tip (and check out Railbird’s opinion as well): Breeders’ Cup to Card Ladies Day

A few comments:

Tying program in to women’s health — good idea! Renaming the Distaff […]

Tin Hat At The Ready

The Lawyer Ron legal kerfuffle (see this history here) has been settled for now, although everything is confidential. But it sounds as though both sides are happy at present:

Stonewall general manager Bert Welker said he is looking forward to the day Lawyer Ron officially joins the farm’s 12-horse stallion roster.

“I know we would […]

Ladies’ Day

It’s Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot — please take notes, Breeders’ Cup Board! You know you want to make Breeders’ Cup Friday a Ladies’ Day — I’d be more than happy to consult…

In other news, get well soon, Cockney Rebel — Gallic overcame his broken pelvis just fine!


Commissioner Superfecta

Alan at Left at the Gate sagely linked to an article bemoaning the fact that there is no commissioner of horse racing. It’s a great read and I fully agree with every point in the article. So, for your enjoyment, here’s my platform as a candidate for commissioner of horse racing:

Safety – We can […]

Distaff Division

Equidaily brings up the gender issue as well this week (and the TBA’s own Jen Morrison was invited to weigh in) — they ask whether the horse racing fan-base is male-dominated and what should be done about it.

While it may be true that there are more male racing fans than female ones in the […]