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An Archivist’s Take on Partymanners

I read yesterday’s post at The Rail regarding ‘Partymanners,’ the undisputed horse racing king of YouTube, with great interest – it’s a relatively rare occurrence when my professional and hobby worlds collide. Many of my regular readers are vaguely aware that I’m an archivist. Most probably think that has something or other to do with […]

The Beverly D. and Secretariat

The Beverly D. is shaping up to be a very tough race; Dreaming of Anna, Precious Kitten and Mauralakana are the headliners, but it’s a quality field all around. Although Precious Kitten has excelled in California (and my general rule is ‘never bet against Bobby Frankel with a turf filly’), I like the home-track advantage […]

Happy New Year

2008 is here at last, and while it remains a slow news week, let’s finally get to our 2007 recap. First, we’ll revisit the biggest news stories in racing in something approaching chronological order:

Barbaro’s death: for those of us working at Penn Vet at the time, it was probably less of a shock […]

Pulling for Teuflesberg

Looking back on my pre-weekend post, I seem rather worryingly prescient — on the positive side, I called the trifecta in the Shadwell Turf Mile and was close on the First Lady, but I also worried whether things were amiss in the Teuflesberg camp, perhaps with good reason. It sounds as though we can be […]

John Henry: 1975-2007

It’s difficult to imagine a horse (even a gelding) with a career like John Henry’s now — 83 starts, 39 wins, in the money 24 more times, 16 grade I wins among 30 stakes wins. But John Henry was never like other horses; he was tougher, more likely to take your arm off, perhaps, but […]


Apologies for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy few days. Without further ado, a quick rundown:

Rags to Riches: I hope we do see her next year; I doubt we will. One has to wonder whether she is truly delicate (as her half-brother, Jazil, seemed to be) or if she is simply under […]

Team Old Guys

Today seems to be the day to check in with the equine senior citizens’ brigade; Storm Cat is apparently still enjoying his job at 24 (and if you have a bit of ready cash, you will have the opportunity to purchase his recent paramour Fleet Indian this November), and John Henry has (finally) mellowed a […]

It’s Moneigh Time Again!

It’s that time of year again — John Henry and friends are ready to auction off their art (via ReRun) for charity. The paintings will hit eBay on May 20th; in the meantime, here are some links to some past works and my entry last year about the event.

Da Hoss is really quite talented […]

Happy Birthday, John Henry

John Henry turns 32 today — fans will be pleased to hear that the old guy is as irascible as ever:

The caretakers at Kentucky Horse Park’s Hall of Champions have been waging a daily battle of wills with John Henry for more than two decades, and losing.

“If he doesn’t try to kill me […]

John Henry: Champion, Artist

ReRun, the respected Thoroughbred retirement foundation, begins its charity auction of artwork by famous horses (“Moneighs” of course) today on eBay. While many of them are more or less what you’d expect the result of giving a horse a paintbrush to be, check out John Henry’s piece — it’s really interesting!

The irascable old fellow […]