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Preakness Day

Apparently Sweetnorthernsaint had difficulty getting into Pimlico this morning thanks to the security, or so Breakfast at the Preakness tells me. How very peculiar.

My only real concern is the ‘target’ mentality that could take over today. I am looking forward to a clean, really competetive race — seeing one like Smarty’s Belmont is not […]

Damn that short-term memory

At least, that’s what most of the Preakness contenders will be saying by around 6.30 pm tomorrow, according to this article on how racehorses think. But they need not worry about the details — Barbaro now has a Wikipedia entry, so anything worth remembering will no doubt wind up there. It didn’t mention that Diabolical […]

Black-Eyed Susan day is upon us

Naturally, the trickle of racing news usually covered by the regular press has turned into a flood. USA Today gets quite excited in a few articles; one covering much the same ground as the AP stories that are floating around, and another where they get Gary Stevens’ take on Barbaro. Once again in that article, […]

Two days out

At this point, people are beginning to tell you how to bet (ESPN is very big on Brother Derek and he is indeed a fine horse, but why not go for a little more value and bet Bernardini?) From north of the border, we have the first mention I’ve seen so far this year of […]

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming

The post position draw was interesting; it should be a good race with Barbaro, Brother Derek and Sweetnorthernsaint all in a row. (It has no doubt been pointed out many times that the 6 is the ‘winningest’ post, most recently courtesy of Smarty Jones).

Speaking of Smarty and thus Three Chimneys, their new commercial ‘from’ […]

We interrupt this Barbaro lovefest for an important bulletin…

…but don’t worry, we don’t stray out of the Mid-Atlantic. Over the weekend Superfecta and family went to the Willowdale steeplechase and then to Delaware Park. While the only horse we had any vague knowledge of at Willowdale finished third in one of the maiden hurdle races, our luck was better at Delaware Park.We hurried […]

Wednesday Miscellany

Until the Preakness post position draw this afternoon gives everyone something substantive to talk about, today’s articles are a little more hit-and-miss. There’s a nice one in the Baltimore Sun on the many states with a claim to Barbaro. They also cover the ‘retirement at 3’ trend in fine style, noting how unusual it would […]

Bob, you shouldn’t have

In addition to the ever-increasing number of ‘invincible Barbaro’ Preakness issues, there is finally a ‘Barbaro will bounce’ article here, courtesy of Bob Neumeier. He uses a lot of ‘b’s — it’s a theme article, so it seems. While I understand that it’s a little early for Triple Crown hopes, I can’t quite fathom the […]

Preakness week begins

As you might imagine, the press coverage this week is very Preakness-centric; the NY Times has an article outlining how Barbaro’s race schedule was planned. The Sports Network goes right for the Slew comparison and then has the current rundown of the probable Preakness field.

MSNBC tells us that Barbaro had a nice 1 1/2 […]

Sunday round-up

A few articles in the Merc: one on Barbaro’s training plans and another on his time at Fair Hill. This one from the Courier-Journal about the dams of Barbaro and Giacomo is a bit of a stretch for a story, but it’s always nice to see what the mares are up to.

This article has […]