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Comings and goings

I finally have an internet connection again; while I haven’t yet unpacked everything from my move, I do have my priorities in order. Which leads us (naturally) to How’s Barbaro Today?, our regular feature. All signs are good so far; there’s a nice article in the NY Times called ‘Smart, Strong, Beguiling: Barbaro wears a Triple Crown‘ which sums things up nicely. There’s a great article about Dr. Dean Richardson here as well. Jay Privman gives us the one-week update here. While we are still some time from knowing whether things are truly working out, at least there have been no complications (and hopefully things will stay that way). There’s a good piece on why we are responsible for thoroughbreds.

In other news, the Belmont field is shaping up but without the usual excitement. In the absence of both Barbaro and Bernardini, it may seem a little lackluster, but I think it will be nice to see Steppenwolfer. I think he and Sunriver will finally get a chance to show off a little. I’m not convinced it’s going to be Sunriver’s distance, but I think Steppenwolfer will enjoy it and do well.

The Met Mile is tomorrow (and I’m trying to figure out how to watch it now that I don’t get the NY OTB channel anymore) and while everyone is going for Bandini (with good reason), I may go off into left field with Silver Train. I was impressed at the Breeders’ Cup last year (despite the cold) and think he’ll be back on form.

The Shoemaker Breeders’ Cup Mile could be a good one too. I’m interested to see Silent Name, a Sunday Silence colt who has come to the US via France and Japan, match up against this field. (I was at Sunday Silence’s Derby, so I like to keep tabs on what his offspring are up to). Willow O Wisp and Milk It Mick also feature; as a geek, I’d also like to see Aragorn do well.

Well, now that we’re in Pennsyvania, I suppose we’ll drop some carrots off at New Bolton at some point; there’s a nice reprint of an article about their feral-ish Shetland herd here. (If you haven’t read that chapter in Stud, it’s a good read. Check it out).


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