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Good News

Everyone is very happy with Barbaro’s progress; Dr. Dean Richardson spoke in the news conference today:

“Things are definitely better. I’d be disingenuous if I’d suggest they’re not better eight days post-op. Things are much better in terms of prognosis. But he’s still a long, long way from being discharged from the hospital.”

He did lighten his tone, however, during his talk:

“I was going to call a news conference to say it’s officially 51 percent,” the surgeon said, smiling. “Seriously, every day that goes by is a big day.”

He has an idea of what kind of mobility Barbaro will have if he continues to improve — officially described as “a hitch in his giddyup.” Given the alternative, not being able to jump or do a dressage test (to paraphrase the good doctor) seems like quite a victory. Richardson placed a good deal of emphasis on Barbaro’s great attitude in the radio reports I heard this afternoon. New Bolton has also posted an article about the special shoe Barbaro is wearing to help prevent laminitis — the avoidance of which will presumably be the next big milestone after the cast is changed.

In addition to his regular visitors (the Jacksons, Michael Matz, etc.), Edgar Prado paid a visit today. He seemed to have little time for the theory being circulated by Pimlico that the injury may have been caused by Brother Derek clipping his heels. They’ve been showing said video on the local news and while I am certainly no steward, it looks to me as though the leg in question starts to wobble shortly before Brother Derek approaches him — not after. USA Today has some video of Prado’s visit here. The Blood-Horse has perhaps the most in-depth report here, including Alex Solis’ take on the ‘Brother Derek theory’ (he doesn’t buy it). Prado reminds everyone that it’s hardly important now anyway:

“It’s a mystery no one will ever know for sure. There’s nothing we can do about the past. We just have to look to the future.”

Well said.

Speaking of looking to the future, there’s an interview with Graham Motion in which they get onto the subject of Polytrack and making racing surfaces safer in general. Having had an unfortunately-perfect view for the Motion-trained Funfair’s breakdown in the Breeders’ Cup last year, it sounds overdue to me. And did you know that he trained La Ville Rouge, Barbaro’s dam? There you are.


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