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Lush Lashes Lands Loot

Apparently a change in distance is no problem for Jim Bolger’s Lush Lashes — although her last race was over a mile and a half (and not a particularly successful effort for her), she easily cut back to the mile distance of the Coronation Stakes. As he was for New Approach in the Derby, Kevin […]


Discreet Cat has an official excuse — he’s apparently got a nasty throat abscess. Be that as it may (and I hope he recovers soon), I’m not convinced he wants to go much more than a mile. Indeed, that seemed to be Saeed bin Suror’s thought as well (at least prior to his medical exam):


Invasor – He Is The Best!

How good is Invasor? (And how cool is Fernando Jara?) I was actually more impressed by his gutsy effort in the Donn than his Breeders’ Cup victory, and his stretch duel with the fantastic Premium Tap today was tremendous. Discreet Cat even looked a bit green (with his limited number of lifetime starts, perhaps that’s […]

Green Monkey Alert!

Watch the skies! The Green Monkey will be returning to training in the not-terribly-distant future. There’s no word on the future plans for his more moderately priced (at $9.7 million) Godolphin counterpart Jalil.

No particular goals were mentioned either, but I’m presuming we won’t be seeing either of them at the Willowdale Steeplechase (at least […]

Dubai Shopping

Speaking as a horse racing and soccer fan, I must admit that the Dubai folk are only doing what I would if I had the ready cash.

Maktoum Middle Ground

As expected, there has been fierce debate about Beyer’s article excoriating The Dubai Effect on racing. Much of the discussion has been framed in very black and white fashion, with little room for grey (or roan, for that matter) areas.

A more balanced approach may be found in The Times, in an article by Lydia […]

Early Retirement

While the build-up to the Breeders’ Cup should be focused on the major contenders, there is instead much focus on the end-of-season retirements and sales of those horses. Fleet Indian will be on the block as a broodmare prospect after her appearance in the Distaff and it seems clear that Bernardini and Discreet Cat will […]

Why Does The Blood-Horse Hate Kenny Mayne?

Although my most recent issue of The Blood-Horse finally has a letter defending Kenny Mayne, I have to wonder who at the publication has it in for him. It seems each issue has at least one letter complaining about him (often in what might best be described as a poorly-crafted attempt at satire) or some […]

Party in Dubai

By now Bernardini’s emphatic win in the Travers has been well-analyzed and he certainly does seem to be the horse to beat now. It will be interesting to see him match up against Invasor in the Jockey Club Gold Cup, since he seems to be his only real rival at this point (although I am […]