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Beware the Weekend Post!

This year’s edition of the Super Derby at Louisiana Downs may not be its most stellar, but it does have an interesting cast of horses who have something to prove (a perfect setup for ‘Jockeys’ – but more on that later). Regal Ransom blew the doors off his more-heralded stablemate Desert Party in the UAE Derby, but his less-than-stellar effort in the Kentucky Derby landed him a layoff – until tomorrow. Another surprise winner, West Virginia Derby Soul Warrior, is also in the mix here and both horses should like the 1 1/8 distance here. Whether this race ends up having any Breeders’ Cup impact this year remains to be seen – it’s not exactly up to the standard of the vintage 1980s runnings of the race – but it could prove a prep for the Dirt Mile.

Meanwhile, at Belmont, Rutherienne is back in action in the Noble Damsel; she and Social Queen are co-high weights for the race. Rutherienne has been very unlucky in her last few starts (she and Einstein share the distinction of looking like the best horse in the race, but missing out on first down to sheer bad luck of late), and she looks like the horse to beat again on Saturday – hopefully, she will come home with a win.

Also on the Belmont card are the Matron (which looks appealing for Dashing Debby) and the Futurity – the 2-year-old boys are working toward the Juvenile in earnest now, although I cannot commit to any bandwagons yet.

As we move toward the Breeders’ Cup, I would direct your attention to the NTRA’s website, where I’ll be blogging about the Breeders’ Cup Marathon – so many thanks to the NTRA for the opportunity, and please do check out the other Breeders’ Cup blogs while you are there – it should be good fun.

Speaking of good fun, our entire household had a wonderful time playing Spot the Continuity Error on last week’s episode of ‘Jockeys.’ This was particularly diverting during the Jon Court segments, especially those (meant to be) on Kentucky Oaks day. Back in May, I recall wishing I’d bet Orthodox for his big undercard win (and speculated that we’d be seeing this on ‘Jockeys,’ since it was practically a Hollywood-perfect end to that storyline – not to mention an outstanding payout).

While there were some of the usual reality-show issues (particularly Court’s wife apparently changing dresses back and forth on ‘Oaks day’ between scenes), my favorite part was when they cut to the infield screen at Churchill Downs to show Orthodox ‘in the post parade’ – when the screen clearly showed the results and payouts for the race he (and Jon Court) had just won. Granted, only someone who had actually watched the Oaks undercard would have noticed – perhaps it was an inside joke? There was a shot of Calvin Borel congratulating Court in the jocks’ room – couldn’t we have worked in one quick clip of him on Rachel Alexandra that day? It would have been nice to see more mention of Einstein winning the Big Cap as well – can we get Julien Leparoux onto the next season?

Quibbles aside, ‘Jockeys’ seems to be working its magic – Joe Talamo will be appearing on Conan O’Brien’s show next Monday, which I cannot imagine would have happened without its influence. As trainer Ron Ellis notes:

“I’m not known as Ron Ellis, the trainer,” he said. “I’m known as Joe Talamo’s girlfriend’s dad.”


Incidentally, this is my 666th post. You have been warned. Why not celebrate with some Oktoberfest fun?

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