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Redesigns and Recaps

Winslow Homer Here at Superfecta HQ, we’ve been busily working away on our redesign; things are finally (more or less) done – we hope you enjoy the new look and feel.  If you had any individual posts bookmarked, many will forward to the new site, but a few will get stuck partway through – just hit the search box to track the errant ones down (and I’ll spare you my talk on the effect moving from Blogger to WordPress has on linking and SEO).  And please check to ensure that ‘blogspot’ is absent from any links you may have – we’re just

With that out of the way, we can review the weekend’s events: most notably, Winslow Homer went from a slightly-under-the-radar buzz horse to an official buzz horse in his Holy Bull victory.  Favored Jackson Bend certainly did not harm his reputation in a second-place finish, however, and the two will likely meet again in the Fountain of Youth.   I remain a bit hesitant about Winslow Homer, however, since both his sire and dam seemed to peak early – he may yet prove to be one of those precocious colts we don’t hear from again after March of his 3-year-old year – but I’m willing to wait to see how things pan out.  If you are not already keeping track of Derby preps with Raceday 360’s handy spreadsheet, it’s time to start – for those who like numbers at this time of year, it’s worth noting that A Little Warm is the only colt to post a triple-digit Beyer in a Derby prep so far – but we’re a long way from May.

Things went well on the comeback front: Friesan Fire and General Quarters finished one-two in the Louisiana Handicap – both 2009 Derby trail graduates proved their quality this time, finishing a long way in front of third-place finisher Good and Lucky.  It’s encouraging to see both of them back in professional style, since we just lost Papa Clem to retirement (via an ankle injury) after his own comeback win.  While I cannot see either one offering a serious challenge to Rachel Alexandra or Zenyatta at this point, both should continue to mature into grownup racehorses of quality – and they could be quite exciting to watch by the time summer rolls around.  In the meantime, we should see Quality Road in the Donn – we’ll have more on that as the race approaches.

On the ownership side of the game, there are a few odd stories kicking around – make of them what you will!

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