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The Barbaro Family Good News/Bad News

First, the good news; little brother Lentenor broke his maiden impressively at Gulfstream Park yesterday in a 1 1/16 turf race. Granted, he was only facing fellow maidens, but his finish was very nice indeed, noting especially how he pulled away on turf. While it’s hardly time to start penciling him in for the Derby, he seems to be improving with each race and we may well be seeing more of him down the line.

Now for the bad news – if you’ve spent any time around broodmares, you know things can go wrong at any time – two years ago, a friend bred six mares, got confirmation most of them were in foal, but ended up with only two foals born – and one of them died shortly after birth. Happily, the situation resolved itself last year, with each mare delivering a healthy foal – but the same cannot be said for Barbaro’s dam, La Ville Rouge, this time around. She lost the Dynaformer filly she was carrying just as we are approaching peak foaling season. Full details are forthcoming, but more often than not, it’s one of those things that just ‘happens’ – I’ve seen a mare lose a foal near her expected due date simply because she had a mild infection, and I’ve also known a polo pony mare who lost a late-term foal because she got a little too fractious with a handler and ended up damaging the placenta.

For small breeders, it can be a huge financial loss (although it’s cheaper than losing a foal that did manage to ‘stand and nurse’) in addition to an emotional one. But as in the case above, things tend to resolve themselves the following year; with a bit of luck (provided all is well with the mare), the hoped-for full sister could appear in 2011.

In the meantime, it’s certainly encouraging that Lentenor looks promising – but could he beat Christine Daae?

2 comments to The Barbaro Family Good News/Bad News

  • railrunner

    This family is almost worth it's weight in gold literally! I can't believe she's such a good producer. It would be amazing to see Lentenor improve enought to make it into some of the Triple Crown races.

  • Lenny sure looked great as he crossed the finish line! Reminded me of Barbaro! As for LVR, I hope and pray that she’ll be o.k. and able to have another baby girl. 4 yrs. ago today beloved Bobby was euthanized and I still miss him so much! RIP Barbaro & Fillynor 🙁 God bless the Jacksons & all their connections.

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