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Belmont Day Live Blog

We are finally here and just caught the True North – for some reason, the dirt track is only listed as ‘good’ – yet Fabulous Strike and Benny the Bull just burned up the track and Teresa (just a few seats away) tells me it’s been like that all day so far. As expected, Benny came up a little short, but for a first effort back after nearly a year off, it was a nice return.

I’m definitely going with Modern Look in the Just A Game – although I’m not sure I’m betting her to win. A hot dog may help me decide.

Apologies for the slow updates – the Belmont wireless is crawling! We just cashed an across-the-board ticket on Diamondrella; I had Modern Look (who made a nice run toward the end) in an exacta with Forever Together – oh well. We’re going chalky with the Woody Stephens.

I thought about betting Munnings after seeing him in the post parade, but failed to take action. I tried to take action regarding the dime superfectas NYRA helpfully tells me are available, but apparently you can only bet them at the machines. And of course you cannot use the machines unless you get a card – and there isn’t a useful place to get one. Hmm.

In minor celebrity news, I saw Vince Vaughn in an appalling white suit; last time I was back in NYC, we saw him at Ben & Jerry’s on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Why is he following me around? Is it because I’ve never seen any of his work? Oh, and MTV is filming some sort of teen dating show (?) in the row in front of us. We avoided signing releases. There is a young person in a red dress and also a young person in a black t-shirt who are miked up to ‘watch the races.’

AAAAAHHHHH! I thought I’d boxed the exacta, but in fact I only had Gabby’s Golden Gal finishing second to Justwhistledixie. Oops.

Another one of those – I had Gio Ponti, but barely considered Marsh Side. But well done to Better Talk Now for getting up for a check – I had pretty much written him off for today, but I’m glad he proved me wrong. Some nice pictures of him in the paddock will follow later.

Now we are putting together a mix of complicated and silly exacta tickets for the main event. I have no idea why I keep going with a Mine That Bird/Miner’s Escape exacta, but there you are. I also have some more realistic ones.

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