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Derby Deals and Defections

There’s been another wholly sensible Derby defection; following in the slightly-bloody hoofprints of Quality Road, Square Eddie is also bowing out of the Derby field. It’s rather refreshing to see that two very talented horses are being handled with such caution – both should be back later in the season once they have fully returned to fighting shape.

The Blood-Horse reports that in addition to coverage in peculiar places like Access Hollywood, there is also promotion of the Derby via BlogHer (‘an iVillage partner‘ – and I should mention that back in the day I used to work with one of the founders of BlogHer at, which was eventually subsumed by iVillage). This is news to me, despite the fact that I am a BlogHer member – I have yet to see anything racing-related over there that isn’t just a feed from my site. I had to miss yesterday’s NTRA/blogger conference call since it was scheduled for my usual train home, but I wonder if it was mentioned at all in that discussion. I’d be very curious to see exactly what sort of promotion the BlogHer deal covered – but I digress, back to the horses!

The weather report is looking fairly ominous for Oaks Day at this point; while it should be better on Saturday, just in case the wet weather stays on one wonders what that means for Papa Clem (sure, he was still second in the slop on Louisiana Derby day, but it was a long way back behind Friesan Fire), or if this indeed hands an advantage to Friesan Fire (whose lightning-fast workout was the subject of much discussion yesterday). Checking everyone’s Tomlinson ratings after the field is set will no doubt be in order this year – just in case.

All the contenders are getting their final works in; Chocolate Candy worked yesterday as well, with I Want Revenge burning up the track earlier today – it was ‘GREAT‘ according to jockey Joe Talamo (who seems to have become quite the media property this week – well done to him for staying cool under that sort of pressure) – and I should add that I Want Revenge did not sell himself short either. Tomorrow’s post position draw won’t be televised, but I’m sure it will be very popular on Twitter as well…

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