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Highs and Lows

Here at Superfecta HQ we were looking forward to a pleasant recap of last weekend’s racing and some thoughts about Eclipse Award peculiarities and auction prices, but work and fate both intervened. (At least the work part was pleasant).

Yesterday’s news that both Indyanne and Go-Between (pictured) had died was rather shocking; while Indyanne was far from out of the woods after her injury, Go-Between’s sudden death from an apparent heart attack brought up shades of Swale (although from the details released thus far, it sounds as though Swale got the better end – unfortunately for Go-Between). I remember spending much of the summer of 1984 debating on the playground whether or not Swale had actually been killed by nefarious persons unknown and while the adult Superfecta certainly does not believe that to be the case (or in any way related to Go-Between), the similar circumstances are a reminder. I also found it odd that Go-Between would die of a sudden heart attack like Grant McLennan, founder and singer for The Go-Betweens – sometimes synchronicity can be a little too easy to find if you are looking for it (and that’s not even bringing McLennan’s solo album, ‘Horsebreaker Star‘ into the picture).

Indyanne’s death cannot be said to be as entirely unexpected, given the nature of her injury, but as the San Francisco Chronicle notes, it cannot be easy for trainer Greg Gilchrist, who also trained Lost in the Fog, to lose his two best horses in fairly rapid succession. Here’s hoping both his team and Bill Mott’s are coping well.

But it’s not all gloom and doom – Friesan Fire easily took the Lecomte for Larry Jones et al. in some style. It would seem he’s either growing up a bit and/or that the blinkers helped. I still wonder if he’s more of a sprinter, but he did mark himself out as one to watch this year.

And you can also look to a brighter future over at Foolish Pleasure, where Val has opened the floodgates for some foal-naming fun. Have at it!

3 comments to Highs and Lows

  • The Turk

    Superfecta- I’m a Go Between fan…it’s funny because I had the same thought as you.

  • Scott

    I am rather annoyed that the connections of Go Between are not having an autopsy performed. I find it hard to believe that they have such a clear idea about the what’s/why’s of the horses death that they wouldn’t attempt, at the very least, to try and learn more. Perhaps there is something that might be learned that would be of benefit to other horses in training. I don’t get it.

    Also, regarding your synchronicity of Go Between and The Go Betweens, I recall another strange instance. If you rememeber, during the 2005 Breeders Cup Mile at Belmont Park a horse named Funfair broke down on the backstretch and was euthanized. The horse’s name, Funfair, is an anagram of Ruffian, another horse we are all aware of who met a similar fate at the very same track.

  • Superfecta

    Nice to see another Go Betweens fan – even under such odd circumstances.

    I remember Funfair’s breakdown all too well; my Breeders’ Cup seats that year were a perfect vantage point for that and it was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

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