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Everyone’s a Hero

I didn’t actually watch the Eclipse Awards myself, since Monday night is sacrosanct – House and How I Met Your Mother both take precedence, even on TiVo. But it sounds like I didn’t miss much: Curlin repeated as Horse of the Year, all the expected names won in their respective categories (although I would argue Einstein deserved the Male Turf Horse trophy over Conduit), although it sounds like the IEAH crew were amusingly surprised to lose out to the Stronach crew for outstanding owner. I feel the insertion of a little Nelson Muntz action after that announcement would have added to the effect, but no matter.

The IEAH folks did try to spring their own surprise by announcing the Benny the Bull would be returning to the track instead of heading off to stud (apparently framed as some sort of reward for the award, if you follow that logic), but given the current state of bloodstock economics, I can’t imagine many deep-pocketed owners were lining up to pay more in stud fees than the obscurely-bred horse could earn at the track over the next few years – let’s recall that his sire stands for $2500 in Oklahoma. Still, I think he’s a fine sprinter and it will be nice to see him back, even with his dodgy connections.

There is also the news that we’ll get to see more of Leah’s Secret following her Sunshine Millions win last weekend. While I was entirely wrong about California winning the day, at least I predicted Leah’s Secret and Georgie Boy coming home victors – and I’m rather pleased about having mentioned the entire trifecta for the Sunshine Millions Turf – shame I didn’t actually bet anything, since that was a very nice payoff. Georgie Boy may point to turf next – a very interesting prospect indeed.

Check back later in the week for more on the upcoming (early) Derby preps

1 comment to Everyone’s a Hero

  • Scott

    I’ll take House any day over the Eclipse Awards…even if last night’s episode seemed a bit weak (IMO). If only we could get House to diagnose (and treat) the ills of the TB industry. Is there a cure for stupidity?

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