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All the White Horses

For reasons that escape me, the weekend seemed to be all about white horses – one sold and then unsold, one in the winner’s circle and one with a new name. First White Prince, an all-white yearling colt out of Patchen Beauty, was the sales topper at Keeneland for the fifth sale session this month. However, his sale did not go smoothly – the $60,000 sales price was beyond the buyer’s approved credit level. (And yes, that $60,000 was indeed the high price of the day). So, White Prince will head back to his breeder’s farm for the time being.

Rather coincidentally, White Prince’s 4-year-old half brother, Patchen Prince, found himself in the winner’s circle at Turfway Park only a day or so later – he’s now Patchen Beauty’s third winning white foal. While Patchen Beauty’s offspring have been bred with both racing ability and white color as a goal, you may recall that our favorite white filly from Down Under (pictured) was rather more of a surprise when she was born.

She’s in the news again, with a new official name and an announcement from main owner John Singleton about what is next planned for her. Now going by the name The Opera House (although, according to PedigreeQuery, she is ‘also known as Bluetongue‘), she’s about to expand her ownership circle (and in a manner that seems almost tailor-made for me). Eight lucky drinkers of Bluetongue Beer will get a 10% share in the filly (and all her winnings) and all they need to do is buy a six-pack and then attend the Bluetongue Cup at Wyong Race Club on February 22nd.

As Singleton says in the official press release:

What could be more fun and spectacular than drinking a Bluetongue, watching a horse race and then finding out that you get a stake in an outstanding horse’s prize winnings during its racing career? I love horses, horse racing and beer – and I am sure the majority of Australians do to, and I would love to have a few of them sharing in the winnings of Opera House with me.

Sounds good to me. Too bad I’m a few thousand miles too far away to play, but I’ll be looking forward to her career. It’s a shame a similar promotion would likely fail spectacularly here in the US. Ah well.

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