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The Other Races

Things are rather busy at Casa Superfecta, what with celebrating the national election results (while, as a former Californian, being horrified by the Prop 8 madness) and preparing to head to a conference in DC. As a result, rather than working up some sort of elaborate and entirely nonsensical theory about how Eclipse Award voting will be affected by the election, I will direct you to this blog regarding the fate of our nation’s third-party candidates.

Consider the fate of poor George Phillies, whose national tally remained in the triple digits:

23. George Phillies: 434 votes

Another Libertarian splinter candidate, Phillies was the preferred candidate of the Libertarian Party’s New Hampshire affiliate, who ran him instead of Bob Barr. George Phillies could not duplicate the success of the Philadelphia Phillies a week earlier.

I imagine he produced much less public transit chaos as well.

I’m off to see if I can track down some Hop Obama Ale before hopping the train myself…see you next week!

p.s. In theory I could continue posting as a hologram while I’m away, but I think it might be a bit silly.

2 comments to The Other Races

  • Kevin Stafford

    Thought of you today….

    Just did my first posts since the Breeder’s Cup. Focused on Hollywood Park – Race 2 – my top selection is…..”Superfecta”!!!!

    As for the Phillies –

    I keep using this line, as some have found it witty. I’m sort of inspirted by a Walt Whitman quote I remember from the Ken Burns film “The Civil War” – about how strange it is that battles, war, and assasination should “so condense a nationality.”

    Strange, is it not, that in the year of Goldikova, Zarkava, and Zenyatta that the Philadelphia “Phillies” should win the Major League Baseball World Series?



  • Superfecta

    Oddly enough, I insisted on buying a Phillies-themed ice cream container at Busch Stadium in 1980 – because I thought at the time it had something to do with Genuine Risk.

    And look, it finally made them win!

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