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TiVo-Blogging the Friday Races

Ah, finally home! Now for some stream-of-consciousness observations.

First, Ventura in the Filly & Mare Sprint. Clearly much the best today, Indian Blessing never had a chance to get past her. Shame Magnificience never seemed quite the same after her injury. I’ll have to modify my ‘bet the Bobby Frankel mare on turf’ to ‘bet the Bobby Frankel mare on turf or synthetic’ (at least once I’m betting again). Nice to see Zaftig get up for some cash, too.

Still, I’m 0 for one for picking both winners and losers.

Seriously, why does Darley always cheap out on their commercials? I was half expecting it to go all paint-filtered at the end. So ’80s.

Kenny Mayne, Hank Goldberg and Jessica Pacheco seem to be sitting at the kids’ table; I’ve never seen Ms. Pacheco before, but I see now why she’s always one of my top search terms (even in that jacket, which while not to my taste pales into insignificance next to Hank’s truly awful sartorial choice).

But hey, we get some William Nack! Huzzah! This part is all good, glad there will be more.

What is Arcangues up to these days? *Looking* – Ah, he’s still at stud in Japan, at least according to Wikipedia.

That explains the crappy Darley commercials; the Coolmore ones are just as bad!

That was an exciting Juvenile Turf Sprint; I think I picked Maram to finish last (with Heart Shaped as the winner – and she almost got there), so that shows how closely I’ve been paying attention, but I’m all for a 29-year-old trainer doing this well – congrats to Chad Brown. I also liked what I saw of Saucey Evening.

Can we cut the appalling country music? I’m good with traditional bluegrass, but ‘this one’s for the girls’ hurts my brain.

Speaking of music, why does the Emirates Airlines music sound like amateur DJ night at a provincial gay club?

Ask a 3 Year Old: apparently Pursuit of Glory will win the Juvenile Fillies, if he has anything to do with it. He is also of the opinion that Tom Durkin ‘should not sing.’

Now Lane’s End has gotten into the terrible-commercial-shot-on-video game? Why?

More comments from the children’s section: ‘My horse is acting up in the race.’

Stardom Bound and Dream Empress were almost equally impressive, actually. Fantastic finish for both fillies. Naturally, I’m 0 for 3. Any bets on who is going to buy Stardom Bound next month?

Children’s commentary, part 3: ‘Zenyatta is the line leader.’

Ah, D. Wayne Lukas – ever the feminist. But yay, Helen Pitts and Carla Gaines! Shocking news: Rick Dutrow is an ass. This is a bit sad that we have to watch elderly rich white men pat themselves on the back for being able to conceive of using a female trainer, though. I’d encourage everyone to purchase some Charlotte Perkins Gilman or Audre Lorde themed clothes.

Forever Together is a Guinness drinker. I’d recommend O’Hara’s instead. But hey, she won the Turf, so I’m all in favor of drinking more stouts (even dry Irish ones, which are not generally my favorite style). Nice ride by Julien Leparoux.

Question for those who have seen her in person: does Zenyatta always stride around like a Lipizzaner before a race? That’s pretty cool.

OK, Zenyatta gets her own post. Hang on…

3 comments to TiVo-Blogging the Friday Races

  • Kevin

    This is my first Jessica Pacheco experience…she seems nervous. I don’t think Hank likes her…or he’s uncomfortable in the company of women. Weird dynamic

  • Winston...not really

    She does the Arlington handicapping and Fair Grounds in the winter. She’s probably uncomfortable with such a toad next to her and he is awkward because she is better than he is.

  • Winston...not really

    Looks like Jessica Pacheco bailed on Hank for today.

    Smart woman.

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