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Breeders’ Cup Caboose List

The (first) big day is finally here, there is a little news (Indyanne is out of the Filly & Mare Sprint with a fever, Elusive Bluff is scratched from the Juvenile with a hoof bruise) and later you’ll get a big post on the Saturday races and a semi-live-blog of this afternoon’s races. But in the meantime, please enjoy mocking my picks for Thoroughbred Racing in New York’s Quirky Cap Contest. The object here is to select the horses who will be bringing up the rear for each race. So, without further ado…the picks:

Filly & Mare Sprint
Tizzy’s Tune

Juvenile Fillies Turf

Juvenile Fillies
Dave’s Revenge

Filly & Mare Turf

Filly & Mare Classic
Santa Teresita

Add Heat

Turf Sprint
Salute the Count

Dirt Mile
Two Step Salsa

War Monger

West Side Bernie

Juvenile Turf
City Style

Sing Baby Sing


Smooth Air

9 comments to Breeders’ Cup Caboose List

  • Anonymous

    Not to be picayune but your petition you signed states: “To show that we are serious about these matters, we pledge to protest by not attending, betting or watching the entire Friday card unless the Ladies’ Classic name is changed and there are assurances from the Breeders’ Cup to create a formal feedback mechanism incorporating fans in ongoing marketing decisions of the Breeders’ Cup”

    Not quite following the pledge now are we?

    How can we respect the petition if one of the first petitioners does not even honor the pledge.

    this is like “I was against the vote before I was for the Vote”

    come on people….

  • Superfecta

    And I’m not watching it…live!

  • Hold All Tickets

    It’s just as difficult to pick who comes in last as it is who comes in first. My handicapping abilities, however, seem to migrate towards the former.

  • Winston...not really

    Smooth Air? Last? Say it ain’t so.

    A six pack of your choice he beats half the field. I like him to hit the board.

  • dana

    I like Smooth Air to hit the board as well. I also think West Side Bernie has a shot at hitting the board.

  • Anonymous

    Love how all the lemmings just respond and ignore your flip flop.

    You respond I am not watching it…live.

    Your post says semi…live.
    Which is it?

    you would make a great politician.

  • Anonymous

    I signed the petition and pressed friends who understand my devotion to the sport to sign it too.

    I’m not betting on any races, though I am playing the caboose contest.

    I really hope that fan dissatisfaction shows up in less revenue across the board – stagnant total wagering, fewer seats, concessions, and souvenirs sold, and another big viewership drop for good ole espn. Lots of non-returning race sponsors would be icing on the hay.

    I will not watch the races live, but will watch replays.

  • dana

    anon – she’s Tivoing it. when she said “I’m not watching it… live”, it’s because she’s not watching it live, she watching it after the fact via tivo, no flip flop.

    and we’re not lemmings, we understood what she meant.

  • Superfecta

    Wow, I miss out on a lot just by being out all day!

    I think the thing to realize is that no group will reach total consensus on anything, but if they can come together (and stand up to be counted) for most of them, they are stronger for it.

    Arguing to get down to the lowest common denominator usually leaves you with just that!

    I am running for office, as it happens – but just for my local professional organization. I’m too lazy to consider anything else.

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