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This is Getting Good…

The Curlin/Big Brown war of words continues — this shot from Jess Jackson:

Big Brown’s camp’s recent remarks about Curlin inspired me to offer an incentive to get these two great horses to race at the legendary track at the Spa,” said Jackson. “Both horses are eligible for this race and both have plenty of time to prepare for what would be thoroughbred racing at its very best and in the name of a great cause.

And Team Big Brown responded with:

I have a better offer. We’ll donate $250,000 to various charities if Curlin meets us in the Breeders’ Cup. These are the things we do anyway. We strongly feel that championships should be decided at the Breeders’ Cup and that in order to give both horses the proper time to prepare for each other, we believe the race we meet in should be on racing’s biggest stage. It also would allow horses from Europe an opportunity to race against us and prove who the best horse in the world is. You’re not going to prove it in a four-horse field in the Woodward. You’re going to prove it in a full field in the Breeders’ Cup. That’s where the champions have been decided almost every year.”

I am betting we’ve seen the last of Big Brown on the dirt (even of the synthetic variety), but in any case, I’d suggest it’s a lot easier to avoid the issue if the event in question is further in the future — it’s simple to commit now and discover a nagging injury closer to the big day (especially if it looks as though Henrythenavigator really does like the distance)…

Much as I’d enjoy seeing Big Brown get schooled by Curlin, I can’t see it actually happening. I love a good rivalry, but I’d like to see one that actually involves the horses…and I don’t see Big Brown booking a ticket to Dubai or France to try his luck against the best in the world, not the best of whomever bothers to attend the Breeders’ Cup…still, I hope someone decides to give money to charity anyway.

5 comments to This is Getting Good…

  • libby

    Wait a minute, the Breeder’s Cup is supposed to be one of the greatest cup races in the you not think so?

  • Chris

    Personally, I’d like to see them both get beat in the Breeders Cup. I’m so tired of hearing about Curlin, Big Brown and all and all of the drama!

  • MJ

    This feud is as bad/good as reality tv and i love it. I may not like Dutrow, but the entertainment factor has gone way up this year.

    Honestly, I hope they both race in the BC and are beaten by Casino Drive!

  • Michele Melcher Illustration

    Wouldn’t that be funny?

  • Superfecta

    I think the Breeders’ Cup has been long since eclipsed by the Dubai World Cup in terms of top-class competition…doesn’t mean it can’t work its way back up, though!

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