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Like G-Force, But Different

As Dana put it, the rumors are indeed true; a few of us horse racing blogger types (along with a number of other fine people affiliated with the racing industry) have been arguing working on the NTRA Marketing Task Force for the past few weeks. We’re not all going to Vegas (although as I understand it, what happens there, stays there – so I suppose taglines do work) since 1) getting that many racing bloggers in a room might create a disturbance in the Force and 2) it’s expensive to fly these days and some of us are far too busy with our real jobs to take the time out. (Although I did find it odd that the upside of missing the conference is that some of our ages remain a secret).

Nevertheless, I’m sure we will be well represented and the debate and discussion generated so far has been very useful. What I find most encouraging is that the NTRA realized there was a gap as far as reaching out to fans old and new and is making a real effort to try and find ways in which to fill it.

So, here’s your chance to tell the NTRA what you think – what messages would you like to pass along? How would you market racing to new fans? What beer do you wish your local track served? Tell us!

14 comments to Like G-Force, But Different

  • libby

    Better purses for older horses, maybe some kind of a triple crown for 5 year olds.

  • suebroux

    >>What beer do you wish your local track served?


  • Amanda

    Us young people are completely dependent on the internet and can’t usually stand the 30 minutes between each post without something to do (most of us can’t understand PP charts, so forget studying the program during breaks). But if tracks offered, say, free wi-fi, and advertised it well enough, that might do a lot to bring in a younger crowd.

  • Winston...not really

    I guess if we are going to cater to the ritalin generation then some form of social networking entertainment would be appropriate but then we need to ask ourselves this.

    Do these people bet? Probably not. Why are we catering to them then?

    LEARN how to read a form and an analog watch.

  • Brooklyn Backstretch

    Suggestions for filling thirty minutes between posts:

    As suggested, read the program.
    Make a wager.
    Watch a simulcast race.
    Go to the paddock and watch the horses.
    Have a conversation.
    Get a snack.
    Drink a beer.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love wifi as much as anyone, but if you’re bored between races, you’re not trying.

  • Amanda

    I know how to read a form, thanks, but I also know that this industry loves to ignore reality whenever it gets inconvenient, and let’s not forget what happened to its popularity when it tried to brush off the rise of television.

    You can make snide comments about young people (aka ritalin addicts?) all you want, but with an increasingly geriatric fan base that shows no signs of reproducing itself, that might not be the best idea ever. So what if people my age don’t study the program? Uninformed bets are still bets. And yes, we do bet, and we do understand analog clocks. We have a surprisingly wide range of interests and abilities, actually, which only makes it even more certain that someday very soon this sport will die out unless it develops some flexibility.

  • Winston...not really


  • JLDecker

    I agree with Libby that a promoted older horse triple crown would be nice.

  • Kevin Stafford

    Well I personally wish you were going to Vegas, superfecta.

    To all superfecta fans, rest assured that she’s doing a wonderful job in the NTRA group and is one of the absolute key members. But you all knew that anyway, I’m sure – she’s never one to let anyone down.

    As a humorous aside, I’d always heard that more people would come to the races if we offered “punch and pie” – or at least that’s what Eric Cartman told me. 🙂

  • Kevin Stafford

    Oh, almost forgot…is the G-Force reference a hat tip to the old cartoon with the winged heroes?

    If so, one of my first life memories when I was about 2 or 3 years old was sneaking away from my backyard and winding up “visiting” a neighbor, who promptly sat me down to watch G-Force cartoons while they called my parents. 🙂

  • SaratogaSpa

    So, let me get this straight- if all you have to do is learn to read a program why are all this people spending what is described as “many hours” preparing for the NTRA summit if everything is fine and we don’t need the under 30 crowd. Be careful what you wish for….

  • Brooklyn Backstretch

    SaratogaSpa: no one ever said that all we need to attract fans is get them to read the program. We were addressing the notion that thirty minutes between races is too long, not dismissing a vital and desireable audience. I think that the charms of the racetrack between races are too often overlooked, and I was pointing them out.

  • Superfecta

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions, keep them coming! I would also like free WiFi since I am always looking for more info than the Form provides in between races (and also because it keeps my 3 year old entertained.

    And yes, it’s a reference to that G Force!

  • John

    woohoo, nice smackdown amanda!

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