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Del Cap Recap

Del Cap day went like clockwork as per usual; there was a nice breeze to mitigate the heat and the track management has clearly made some improvements to the sound system and video displays since last year which were much appreciated — you could actually hear the race calls.

Smart and Fancy defended her title […]

No Shame in Second

For his first effort on turf (and against two Breeders’ Cup winners), Curlin’s second-place finish to Red Rocks was encouraging indeed. His outside post and slightly slow start kept him well in the middle of the track; in my opinion it was a very useful learning experience (and it’s never a bad thing to pick […]

Weekend Preview

The Man O’ War should be well worth watching; Curlin has quite a task ahead of him. Red Rocks, Better Talk Now and Grand Couturier are all strong contenders, and I keep expecting Sudan to figure it out at some point. This race might be a little short for Better Talk Now, but it’s always […]

What About Einstein?

Much has been made over Midnight Cry’s 20% ownership of Curlin and the various licensing issues it has caused — yesterday the judge in the case denied the motion to force the sale of said percentage — but little has been mentioned about their continued ownership (albeit under the guise of their partners) of Einstein. […]

Curlin: High on Life

Curlin is off the juice and set for his first turf test in the Man O’ War on Saturday (after a license was granted to the receiver now handling the holding company for his minority owners, rather than to the indictees or their partners). (Majority) owner Jess Jackson doesn’t mince words:

Jackson told the subcommittee […]

Jess Jackson Got a Deal

This from the AP:

A group led by winemaker Jess Jackson paid $2.6 million for an 80 percent majority interest in rising star Curlin in 2007.

The purchase price, long held secret, has been released for the first time in a motion filed in a civil case against Curlin’s two minority owners. Until Tuesday, […]

Back in Business

Superfecta is back from the shore and back to (almost) normal business, although this will still be something of an odd week. Curlin had his final work for his turf debut earlier; the Man O’ War is still the preferred option, and it seems that the details of his New York license will be worked […]

Curlin to Delaware Park?

A brief vacation check-in from the Delaware Shore…while I’m sure his nomination is just insurance in case the license issues cannot be worked out for the Man O’ War and/or heading to Arlington is out for some reason, I would be a happy camper indeed if Curlin were to show up in the Caesar Rodney […]