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Curlin to Delaware Park?

A brief vacation check-in from the Delaware Shore…while I’m sure his nomination is just insurance in case the license issues cannot be worked out for the Man O’ War and/or heading to Arlington is out for some reason, I would be a happy camper indeed if Curlin were to show up in the Caesar Rodney on Del Cap day.

C’mon down, the beer’s fine!

Back to regular posting after the holiday…

3 comments to Curlin to Delaware Park?

  • Kerry

    Curlin is dreamy; what a horse. I’d love to get to see him race, but I don’t think he’ll be racing in KY again.

    I’ve commented on here a while back and I’m a faithful reader. Anyway I wanted to let you know I added a link to here from the blog I started on the ever-so-fascinating topic of ‘legal issues in Thoroughbred racing.’ So if you see hits referred from “The Thoroughbred Brief,” that would be why.

  • Kerry

    Oh, and Curlin will definitely be a topic of a future entry I want to do on all the various competing interests people (and entities like banks) have in Thoroughbreds. Security interests (Great Hunter), vet liens, ag liens, stud fee liens, stallion seasons, judgment liens. On top of the usual fractional interests through partnerships, etc. It’s sort of mind boggling.

  • Superfecta

    Thanks for visiting! I’ll be adding a link, as everyone I know is a lawyer (or former lawyer) and so this angle is fascinating…

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