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Steroids: Not Just for Americans Anymore

Takeover Target is an amazing horse by any standard; the Aussie sprinter has won 17 of his 33 starts, winning in Australia, Japan, Singapore and the UK. Now the British press wants to know whether he comes by his speed entirely honestly.

Two years ago, Takeover Target tested positive for steroids which his connections deemed to be therapeutic (as, indeed, they are for many horses when recovering from injury or otherwise not racing due to a physical issue) and hence was not allowed to race in Hong Kong (and his trainer fined a large sum of money).

Recently it was suggested by British trainer Mark Johnston (thanks, Adam, for the spelling correction!) that Takeover Target should not have been invited to run at this year’s Royal Ascot, given his previous positive; his trainer, Joe Janiak, has taken exception to that, arguing that it was a one-time offense that has been dealt with. His countrymen have been quick to defend him:

However, fellow Australian trainer Peter Moody has not taken a backward step in his comments suggesting that Johnson was unpopular and ‘talking out of his backside.’

Moody, in Newmarket to put final preparation to his Flying Spur sprinter Magnus, also did not hold back on Wednesday when he turned his attention to trainer Jeremy Noseda regarding comments he made questioning the travel allowances paid to foreign runners at the royal meeting.

I’d love to see one of these blokes get off their own dunghill and come down to Australia to compete with us, said Moody to English media.

Even Mr Noseda, who wants to throw his toys out of the cot now and again.

It’s disappointing and surprising the Europeans don’t target our sprints and only come down for the Melbourne Cup.

It is getting a bit like the Ashes but it’s all in fun.

Maybe the novelty of having us over has worn thin with a few trainers as we’ve done pretty well here.”

Tell us how you really feel, Peter!

So I turn it over to you, dear reader — given the focus on steroids we’ve been going through Stateside, does this sound like a legitimate issue or sour grapes? Maybe somewhere in the middle?

I certainly want to see Takeover Target run (and I believe he is ‘clean’ now), but can see why there would be support for alternative viewpoints…

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