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Derby Trail Notes

Pyro became the talk of the Derby trail with his win in the Louisiana Derby last weekend (not to mention his retirement plans); while his final sweep was impressive to watch, his Beyer was still comparatively low. Alan has some interesting perspective on that angle, however, and I’m agreeing with his assessment at this point. I was disappointed in both Tale of Ekati and Majestic Warrior; if either had had another race in them at this point, I might write off this performance, but as it is I will have to wait and see if they improve next time out.

There are plenty of other horses unheralded last year who are stepping into the Derby picture — Visionaire’s victory in the fog (and, as I can attest having been in New York last weekend, miserable wind and rain) gives him more credibility, while Giant Moon’s non-effort has an easy excuse given the conditions. The wise-guy money seems to be moving toward Big Brown (pictured — despite ongoing foot problems) after his 104 Beyer in an off-the-turf allowance; he will likely appear in the Florida Derby on March 29th next, along with Smooth Air — check out some video of him over at Handride.

Perhaps next weekend will clear the picture somewhat, with Denis of Cork, Anak Nakal, Z Fortune and Face the Cat (he of Curlined-from-Helen-Pitts fame) back for another go-round in the Rebel and War Pass in the Tampa Bay Derby — but check back more on that later in the week.

3 comments to Derby Trail Notes

  • Michael

    Elysium Fields, get on the band wagon now, before he wins the Florida Derby.

  • Superfecta

    I’m still on the fence about him too; I like him, but like to see more of him first (which I seem to be saying a lot this year).

  • ljk

    I think a head to head wager of Big Brown vs. Elysium Fields might be interesting. Both have burgeoning bandwagons. I don’t particularly like either but it seems like the Florida derby is coming up pretty light?

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