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Curlin Cruises

Curlin wins easily in his Dubai World Cup prep (or, as the Press Association put it rather more floridly, ‘oozed class on his debut in Dubai as he won the Jaguar Trophy at Nad Al Sheba in a canter’).

If he were to remain in training another year, he could look forward to even larger purses at the new Meydan racecourse:

In a decision expected to enhance Dubai‘s growing reputation for providing quality racing during the winter months, Sheikh Mohammed yesterday outlined plans to add another dimension to the local racing calendar when the new track is up and running.

Although appearing a little puzzled by some official claims in Britain that prize-money should be of little or no importance to owners [ed.: let’s face it, that’s just being cheap], Sheikh Mohammed told me: “I would like to make the whole experience of winning a race in Dubai something special for the owner, not just [a matter of] walking up after a race and collecting a trophy. We will offer much more than prize-money.”

Dubai‘s ruler has plans to promote and encourage use of Meydan’s extensive catering and hotel facilities after racing for entertaining. His message is that the owner should be treated as a king – a policy that should be welcomed by those paying the training bills in the United Kingdom, Europe and elsewhere.

That sounds nice to me; all I have to look forward to in 2010 is a new soccer stadium. While I am indeed excited about that, it’s not going to be a facility on quite the same scale as Meydan. In any event, well done to Curlin; I hope some day to see the Dubai World Cup in person, but it’s not going to be this year (unless anyone wants to make a generous donation, which would be most cheerfully accepted).

In the meantime, here is Curlin’s little jog — it’s race 5.

3 comments to Curlin Cruises

  • john

    I was there for the unveiling of the new race track (the plans). What a magnificent facility!
    As far as the sour grapes from the English Press in regard to the purse structure…”get a life buddy”
    Purses make the world go round!

  • Becky

    Running horses for the love of the game is great…if you’re a member of royalty or otherwise independently wealthy. The rest of us accept that money, though not the only motivator, is certainly a good one.

    I actually have a new track opening up near me fairly soon (Pinnacle Racecourse in Michigan). The thought of it makes my heart warm.

  • john

    I was at old DCR for a couple of big races years ago…sorry to see Michigan loose its racing…good luck with the new one!

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