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I’ve Got A Hunch I’m Gonna Be King

So, how did we do here at Superfecta HQ in this weekend’s installment of the Winter of Our Discontent Challenge? Really shockingly badly, that’s how:

Sunny Issues – At least Snow Cone hit the board
LA Champions Sprint – Tortuga Straits did likewise.
Hollywood Turf Cup – In real life, I may have actually played the winning trifecta of Sunriver/Champs Elysees/Spring House (and hey, I did mention all three last week); I’d have definitely made some back on betting Sunriver across the board, although I still believe Champs Elysees is a better horse overall. As I’ve noted here often, I love his dam, Hasili – as do other members of the TBA.
Native Diver – I had nothing. Zero.

I also had nothing in the big Hong Kong races; neither Dylan Thomas nor Miss Andretti had their best days although local star Sacred Kingdom improved his record to 8 wins out of his last 9 starts. Not bad.

But on to today’s news – the addition of three more Friday races to the Breeders’ Cup card. (And a small aside to the Breeders’ Cup board – I’m still waiting for you to make Friday Ladies’ Day, ideally with decent beer offerings). My initial thoughts on the new races are as follows:

Turf Sprint – Is this purely to lure Miss Andretti here? Because that’s just fine with me, but we now know she doesn’t like going around right-hand turns. I think this could be a really fun category with a lot of top class international competition – if you can get the competition in question to show up, given the timing with regards to major Southern Hemisphere races.

Juvenile Fillies Turf – I’m not really convinced that a separate juvenile turf race is necessary; at this age, fillies and colts are usually quite competitive against one another, and if the entrants are European or Asian turf specialist stars of the future, they likely always will compete against one another. But as I’m always an advocate of having more turf racing in the US, I’m not entirely against the idea. (Speaking of American turf, it was good to see Showing Up back on the worktab today, even if it was over dirt – and he had a nice workout).

Dirt Marathon – I really like this in principle, but I wonder what caliber of horse will actually turn up to compete. The really great long distance horses from overseas are grass horses, and American long-distance dirt specialists are not usually household names (anymore). Still, if the object is to encourage more to contest that distance throughout their careers, I’m happy to take the long view.

So, how long will it take for these races to be graded? Can I assume Evening Attire will still be running and winning like he always does?

2 comments to I’ve Got A Hunch I’m Gonna Be King

  • Michael

    I hate the dirt marathon almost as much as I hate the dirt mile… I think it is a huge mistake by the BC folks.

  • That's Amore Stable

    As you said in your comment on my blog, I think we’re pretty sympatico in our takes on the new races. Here’s an early prediction: expect to see Malibu Moonshine, one time Maryland star-turned-Big A minor stakes hard knocker and winner of the 1 3/4 mile Pleasant Colony, in the Dirt Marathon.

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