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Curlin’s Future Decided?

The rumor is out that a decision has been made regarding Curlin’s future; since it will likely involve ongoing litigation no matter what, here’s hoping he’ll be in training in 2008. There have certainly been enough retirements this week; Citronnade headed off to the farm after her most recent G1 win in the Dahlia and Mustanfar is off to Shadwell for a mere $3000 a pop — but at least Brass Hat is still around.

Speaking of stud fees, the BBC is reporting that ‘[o]nly 10% of a horse’s lifetime winnings can be attributed to their bloodline’ and that:

“There are good genes out there to be bought but they don’t necessarily come with the highest price tag,” Dr Alastair Wilson told the BBC News website.

“It seems much more likely that people who can afford to pay high stud fees can also afford to manage and train their horses well.”

The full article is available here.

Of course, the aim of the study was to predict success on the track — and as we are well aware, success at auction is the likelier aim of the highest eschelon of breeders. Given how very many genes modern racehorses share, it would indeed be peculiar for there to be huge genetic differences between this stud or that one, although determining which individual mating has more potential of producing a winner using genetic analyses is not impossible.

But back to the subject of winners; PA-bred Redaspen captured the La Prevoyante last weekend, defeating a high-level international field. However, this should not be entirely unexpected as she has international connections as well — her Australian-based sire, Bianconi, now has winners in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, England, France, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and Hong Kong. The win was the first graded stakes victory for Rebecca Baker, but as we at Superfecta HQ employ what we refer to as the Helen Pitts Principle, kudos should also be given to previous trainer Tim Woolley for getting Redaspen into winning condition.

Once again, here’s hoping we see more of the former Helen Pitts trainee mentioned above…

1 comment to Curlin’s Future Decided?

  • Teresa

    Do you know why Redaspen was transferred from Tim Woolley? Was she sold?

    I am always happy to see Helen Pitts given some credit, as I was one of her high school English teachers. It still jars me a little to see her name in programs and in the press.

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