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Compare and Contrast

Teuflesberg is scheduled for surgery today (no news yet), and while so far things are sounding positive for his survival, the same cannot be said for his ownership group. An article in the Lexington Herald-Leader confirms some of the rumors that have been floating around of late:

“I’m trying to play peacemaker for both sides,” said the fourth in the partnership, Jeff Singer. “They’ve not been able to settle their differences.”

Two other owners, trainer Jamie Sanders and her fiance, Donnie Kelly, say their relationship with partner Gary Logsdon has fallen apart.

Sanders and Kelly said Logsdon scratched Teuflesberg against their wishes — when they were trying to prepare the horse for the Breeders’ Cup the weekend of Oct. 26-27 at Monmouth Park.

But Singer said on the phone from New York, “What’s going on between them (and Logsdon) is not good for anybody. I’ve been asking both parties, ‘please, let’s just get together on this.’

“I’ve told him we have a horse we all love, he’s been hurt, and let’s put bad feelings aside. But they can’t,” Singer said.

C’mon, folks — your mission at this point is not complicated: just get along well enough to ensure the horse is getting the care he needs. After all, if something goes wrong, whichever partner was banking on the big stud deal is out of luck. If everyone wants to sue each other down the line, knock yourselves out.

There was another breakdown yesterday at Keeneland; writer Maryjean Wall is digging deeper into the situation. It’s clear that something, somewhere is amiss, although whether it is the track or the soundness of the horses coming in has yet to be determined.

But there is encouraging news from Australia — Miss Finland (left*) could be US-bound if all goes well in the Cox Plate and possibly the Melbourne Cup, although her owner and trainer are not decided on that one yet:

Miss Finland’s senior part-owner and Australia’s biggest breeder, John Messara, is not keen to start her in the Melbourne Cup. Messara would rather campaign Miss Finland in major races in England and the US to advertise the breeding strength in Australia.

I’m convinced.

If she wins the Yalumba Stakes on Saturday, she will be the first mare to win in 22 years. In case you wanted some perspective about how Things Are Different Down Under, the Cox Plate is two weeks from Saturday — that’s two races at around a mile and a quarter back to back. If she did indeed go to the Melbourne Cup (two miles, the first Tuesday in November), she would probably run in the Mackinnon Stakes (1 1/4 miles, the weekend before the Melbourne Cup) in between. Can you imagine an American horse aiming for that schedule?

Update: Teuflesberg is out of surgery, so far, so good.

*Photo courtesy of JustGenes, a lovely site you really should check out.

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