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Legitimate Lawyer Ron?

Street Sense’s relatively easy win in the Jim Dandy seems to have been somewhat overshadowed by whether or not Lawyer Ron (pictured) broke the track record in the Whitney, with the pros and cons well summed up over at The Last Filly.

The main argument seems to be that Lawyer Ron could not have possibly pulled a Ghostzapper and gotten a 128 Beyer — and for argument’s sake I’ll agree that Lawyer Ron doesn’t seem as imposing as Ghostzapper given his previous record. But perhaps the reason that seems so ‘unlikely’ is the paucity of 4 and 5 year olds racing who might have the ability to post those sorts of numbers — there’s simply not enough data to generate a fair comparison. Lawyer Ron has had some time to mature and perhaps he’s just now hitting his best stride — he certainly didn’t beat a field of no-hopers, and he beat them resoundingly. (For the record, I would like to point out that I did correctly predict that Brass Hat, Papi Chullo and Sun King would finish in that order — I just had them rather further up in the field — but I digress).

I did a quick test using my TiVo and a stopwatch and got the same time (as, apparently, did Randy Moss and the Beyer folks — assigning Lawyer Ron a 116 at this point) — if it all checks out, Lawyer Ron will have his record and we’ll likely see no more of him after this season — he’s been heading to the breeding shed via litigation for many long months now, which seems a shame — I’d like to see more of the new, improved Lawyer Ron.

Doing a quick search online turns up a lot of discussion about how the Whitney result clearly indicates Brass Hat should be retired — hardly! Let’s recall that he set a new track record in his first race back earlier this month and that even though Lawyer Ron put in a great performance, the track was probably playing strangely in some way — why else would so many good horses (particularly Papi Chullo and Flashy Bull) finish so far behind the eventual victor? One race under those circumstances doesn’t sound like a plea for retirement to me — a different case could be made for Declan’s Moon at this point (he’s clearly not the same horse he was as a promising 2 year old) but that’s based on a pattern of losses, not a single incident. Brass Hat is tough old guy who has more wins in him — I look forward to seeing them.

Finally, away from Saratoga, Lewis Michael finally got his first graded stakes win. I’ve had a soft spot for him for a while so it’s nice to see him start to live up to his potential. And don’t forget Dylan Thomas — he silenced his doubters with an emphatic win in the King George. A very exciting weekend all around.

1 comment to Legitimate Lawyer Ron?

  • Nellie

    I knew people were digging out their stopwatches! I don’t even have one (unless you count the one on my cell phone, which is totally inaccurate). Maybe I need to go out and buy one so I can join in the next time this happens…

    As far as ‘off’ races go, I agree. I think it’s also important to remember that horses get the chance to ‘perform’ infrequently – so the odds of that particular day being a bad one are pretty high. Declan’s Moon seems to have his races scheduled to coincide with those days – if you follow his workouts, he seems to be training very well.

    If I recall correctly, there was/is a clause in Lawyer Ron’s purchase agreement that states that when he finishes worse than second in two consecutive races, complete control transfers to Stonewall. There isn’t much danger of that happening before the inevitable, but it seemed a bit powerful to me. Just think. If all he could pull off was a third in the Whitney, we’d probably have heard the end of him.

    Scary, knowing what we now do about him… also very unfortunate as I have a feeling that, if he were to continue improving, he could be a monster in 2008.

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