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Stephen Foster Weekend

While it may seem to the rest of the world that racing disappears in between the Belmont and the Breeders’ Cup (they do know about the Breeders’ Cup, right?), there’s plenty going on this weekend. The Stephen Foster features Master Command (pictured) and Magna Graduate from Pletcher’s barn. The race might include a rabbit for […]

The Bionic Kitty

This is almost completely un-horse-related, but here goes: blogging may be a bit intermittent this week as we’re in the midst of cat surgery and recovery. Snorri, the Official Superfecta HQ Kitty, is having his second major orthopedic surgery (and fourth lifetime surgery) today. He’s having his right front ankle fused so that he can […]

Unsolicited Advice for the NTRA

Point #1: It’s merchandising time, folks — I should be able to choose from a variety of Rags to Riches t-shirts, hats, buttons, key chains and reasonably-tasteful tchotchkes of every kind — you have a great opportunity to market the sport, now go out and make it happen. The design options currently available from the […]

Why We Watch

Or, a more coherent summing up of Belmont day.

Rags to Riches demonstrated the essence of great horse racing yesterday; class, heart, grit, determination and some arrogance thrown in. Her stumble at the start and her wide trip were more than enough to quiet most hardcore Curlin supporters who realized those elements far outweighed her […]


WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did I mention I have the exacata, trifecta and superfecta, paltry though they may be? Did you see how wide she was the whole race? Take that, Curlin!Edit: Actually, they are not bad payouts at all. Drinks are on me! May I suggest the Rogue Morimoto Hazelnut?

I’ve decided this has moved well ahead […]

Belmont Morning Quiz

Here’s a quick essay question for you early risers: Describe what these two horses have in common, as well as their differences.

Need a little help? Here goes:

Similarities: Horse A cost $16 million as a two-year old, making him the most expensive horse sold at auction in the US. Horse B cost […]

Belmont Field Notes

It’s the Friday before the Belmont, so without further ado, the official, rather opinionated, Superfecta Belmont Field Notes:

1) Imawildandcrazyguy – Obviously he has a lot more going for him than I predicted prior to the Derby, but I don’t see the distance as doing him any favors.

2) Tiago – He seems more naturally […]

Belmont Undercard

Saturday should be a great day of racing – not only will we be treated to Rags to Riches taking on Curlin, but we have a fantastic undercard to enjoy. Here are my thoughts on the (other) big races on the day — and don’t forget to tune in to CBS News tonight to see […]

Children of the Wind

I am officially very excited about the Belmont now that Rags to Riches is on board. Although I liked Silverbulletday a lot, I never thought the Belmont was a good spot for her; I have no similar reservations about Rags to Riches. Clearly her entry has made other trainers rethink entering their longshots and she […]

Pletcher Brings the Right Horse

Huzzah for Rags to Riches — I would like to go on the record as saying I completely agree with Railbird. That is all for now, more later.