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Belmont Morning Quiz

Unraced Winner

Here’s a quick essay question for you early risers: Describe what these two horses have in common, as well as their differences.

Need a little help? Here goes:

Similarities: Horse A cost $16 million as a two-year old, making him the most expensive horse sold at auction in the US. Horse B cost $9.7 million as a yearling, making him the most expensive horse to run in the UK (and the fourth-most-expensive horse sold at a US auction). Horse A and Horse B have both had ‘difficulties’ on their way to the track. Both are (obviously) owned by Very Rich People.

Differences: Horse A is owned by Very Rich People in Ireland. Horse B is owned by Very Rich People in Dubai. Horse A has yet to make it to the races; despite a slow start to his career, Horse B has now actually won a race.

I suppose this means I have to stop calling Jalil ‘The Godolphin Green Monkey.’

Bring on the Belmont!

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