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Guest Blogging

Note: Superfecta is guest-blogging over at Tim Woolley Racing for a few days and will be publishing her updates in both places.

Superfecta here, deputizing for Alex; naturally much of the news this morning is on Barbaro’s newest full sibling, born yesterday morning at Mill Ridge Farm. There’s a picture of the new colt here and some more detail about La Ville Rouge’s other foals here. I’ll add more links throughout the weekend as they appear.

In the ‘litigation – it’s not just for 3-year-olds‘ category we have an appearance by Lawyer Ron, whose owners are arguing over his racing career. As of now, he’s being pointed toward the Metropolitan Mile, but his next move could well be decided by the courts. It’s clearly a busy season in Kentucky legal circles.

Things are not so rosy for Godolphin either; Ashkal Way has a tendon injury and it sounds as though he might return to training in the future, but it’s equally possible that he might head toward retirement. Discreet Cat is also delaying his return to the races (and to the US), but the indication (so far) is that he will re-appear later this year. His absence will no doubt make the Met Mile more attractive for Lawyer Ron…if he’s allowed to race!

For today’s Coolmore Lexington, we’re told to ‘look for quicker pace than Blue Grass‘ — I’m awarding them my Understatement of the Month award in advance. I still like the Lasix-free Belgravia.

2 comments to Guest Blogging

  • wendyu

    Superfecta – thanks so much to agree to sub at Tim Woolley Racing! I’ve subscribed to your blog for sometime now as well as the other TBA blogs. I enjoy yours and the other blogs very much!

    I posted something on the Tim Woolley Forum that may be of interest to other TBA bloggers regarding TV and the Florida Derby. Here is a link to it (I hope it works and I hope you don’t mind that I link to it here!)

    thank you again!

    Wendy (WendyinMI)

  • Superfecta

    Thanks, this is interesting indeed! I agree that it’s another missed opportunity to get new fans on board, it’s nice to see there is some sort of back story.

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