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Hospital Fun with NYRA

The best NY coverage is at Left at the Gate, but I felt I should weigh in on the hospital issue that cancelled racing at Aqueduct the other day. The jockeys want to be taken to North Shore University Hospital, rather than Jamaica Hospital whenever possible, while NYRA wants to send them to Jamaica.

Some background: I used to work for the NYC Department of Health and saw many statistics and reports that do not make it to the general public (I won’t even start on the ‘double secret terrorism alerts’ we were constantly issued by some rather delusional staff members). I’ve also given birth in a Brooklyn hospital — the bottom line is that if your options are a Long Island hospital with a good reputation and a Brooklyn or Queens hospital, you go to Long Island — there’s really no alternative.

To quote Jerry Bailey:

“If the riders wish to go to North Shore, barring a life-threatening situation, then the jockeys should go where they’re treated best,” said Bailey. “If I were riding right now, I wouldn’t ride unless I could go to North Shore.”

It’s not often I find myself in full agreement with Jerry Bailey, but he is right on in this instance.

Elsewhere, there’s another article on Barbaro’s siblings; there’s no real news, but another photo of his full brother. A more interesting perspective on the diverging breeding and training practices in the US, Europe and Asia was in the New York Times over the weekend. It’s well worth a read — while we may argue these points often within the racing community, it’s not often well-framed for the general public. The Blood-Horse is also offering single issues of their Barbaro memorial issue. I usually get mine about a week late for some reason.

I did fairly well over the weekend; Nobiz Like Showbiz delivered (left), and Invasor was really quite impressive. Miesque’s Approval didn’t seem to fire, but hopefully he’ll be back in the not-too-distant future. And as for Keyed Entry — nope, the layoff was not a problem.

And to the 450 horses nominated to the Triple Crown…well, it’ll be nice getting to know you. Here’s what the top contenders are up to this week.

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