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Retail Therapy?

Perhaps, gentle reader, you are at a loss as to how you might best commemorate Barbaro. You’ve already made a donation to the Barbaro Fund or perhaps the Laminits Fund, but now you are looking for something tangible to keep and display at home.

Luckily for you, any number of retailers are there to support you in this time of sadness. Your options on eBay include any number of Breyer models trading at prices above $200 (and that’s not even for an autographed one like mine, which is not for sale — although some other people’s are (here and here, for example); the Fred Stone prints seem to be hovering around the $400 mark (original price: $150) and then there are homemade works of art, ranging from the really rather good to the shockingly bad — I’ll leave you to look through those on your own.

Some of the more unique items include a special bottle of Maker’s Mark (although clearly the seller has tried to sell it before — the description of the item is rather telling — and there is more than one out there), a Derby ticket stub (with a description suggesting the seller does not actually know what ‘karma’ means) and, this being eBay, there’s always a wall clock.

Now, many sellers point out in their listings that their proceeds are going to a related charity (and it’s difficult to blame most retailers for wanting to cash in when the market is at its perceived peak), but more than a few of the items up for bid are, for lack of a better word, simply tacky.

Caveat emptor, my good readers…remember, there’s a big weekend of racing coming up that might require some disposable cash…but more on that later this week.


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