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No Title Needed

It was a tough day at work yesterday, both on a practical level (simply keeping our servers up was a challenge) and of course emotionally. Some of the better articles I have come across include this one by Jane Smiley and Beyer’s commentary is worth a read as well. Meghan O’Rourke’s piece for Slate is, as ever, also a fine bit of writing.

While siblings almost never live up to their superstar elders, at least we do have the three-year-old half-brother Man in Havana, the as-yet-unnamed yearling full brother and another full sibling to Barbaro on the way to look forward to. If Hasili can do it, I’m sure La Ville Rouge can. It will also be interesting to see what his elder half-brother, Holy Ground, is like at stud.

Another positive to come out of it is the Barbaro Foundation announced by Gulfstream Park yesterday (although it would be nice if someone had told them that ‘enormity’ was not the word to use in the context of ‘…the enormity of their colt’s contribution to the sport‘ even if the word’s sinister connotations are overlooked by everyone except copyeditors nowadays…but I digress) which provide scholarships to veterinary students.

Here’s hoping some money will flow into laminitis research.


2 comments to No Title Needed

  • gorham.maine

    Nice piece. Incidentally, the first thing I did was make as large a donation as I could to laminitis research. That’s one of the biggest “if only” factors in my grief.

    Anyway, nicely put and I hope your readers wander to the various links you give, all of which merit attention.

    Thank you.

  • Superfecta

    Thanks, I’ve been doing the same. Glad to have you aboard!

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