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Feed the Beast

I am very much enjoying the new Blood-Horse RSS feeds; they make sure I notice articles I might have otherwise overlooked. For example, I usually just skim the breeding section, but I see today that War Emblem has finally sired a winner. I like the way the Blood-Horse has delicately phrased his breeding difficulties:

War Emblem, who at certain times has shown an unwillingness to cover mares, has just two registered 2-year-olds.

The DRF’s redesign is on the right track as well — as I’m in the middle of two web redesigns (among many other big projects) myself, it’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel with these additions and it’s fantastic to see the horse racing media embrace a bit more technology. We’ve come a long way from my days at Time Out in London in the 90s when we started using a fun new feature called ‘tables’ on our site.

I am pleased with Sports Illustrated’s inclusion of Barbaro as a Sportsman of the Year candidate — not only is it nice to see horse racing in the mainstream media, but since there is not really a specific Eclipse award Barbaro is likely to be awarded, it’s good to see him honored in another way. Whether or not it is time to create an award for off-the-track influence on the sport is another debate. In related news, the recent article on how ‘life is a series of small steps‘ for Barbaro has made it to China. Now that’s global reach.

In news I was relieved to hear, things are shipshape at Monmouth for the Breeders’ Cup in 2007. If only they’d offer advance purchase options for the TBA

And no, I still haven’t made any of my Eclipse decisions. There’s simply too much to mull over this year. I’m still not on the Discreet Cat bandwagon. He’s certainly done nothing wrong, but I don’t feel he’s unbeatable, just well-managed. Perhaps that’s enough in some cases.

Finally, I enjoyed Ray Paulick’s latest column, ‘Spanning the Globe.’ The all-encompassing fervor with which Japan has embraced horse racing in the last 10 years is encouraging for the sport as a whole. It often leads me to wonder what would happen if the Breeders’ Cup were held abroad at some point…


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