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Saturday predictions, not limited to horses

We’re back to the first Saturday in ordinary time now that the Belmont has come and gone, and it should be a good one. Oonagh Maccool and Happy Ticket are in action in the Fleur de Lis, and Brass Hat meets Buzzards Bay and Perfect Drift in the Stephen Foster. Although it’s a race Perfect Drift has appeared in a number of times which is nice to see, I’m pulling for Brass Hat after his dubious DQ in the Dubai World Cup, some months after the fact. (His connections have finally been granted an appeal).

In the Fleur de Lis, I’m sticking with Oonagh Maccool; she looks very solid on dirt and I like that they gave her an Irish name in keeping with that of her sire, Giant’s Causeway (although I would have gone with another geologic feature, but that’s just me). I do admire Happy Ticket, but I think it will be tough for her with the high weight. La Reason could hit the board as well.

While there are some other interesting races on the day, I must defer to Del Amitri at this point in honor of the US-Italy game (originally composed to bolster the spirits of the Scottish team in the 1998 World Cup as they faced an infinitely superior Brazil in their first match):

And the world may not be shaking yet,
but you might prove them wrong,
Even long shots make it

Just don’t come home too soon.

We played really, really dreadfully against the Czech Republic and we now must beat Italy and a strong team from Ghana in order to make it out of the first round; we’ve got a solid team and if we lose, it’s just going to be embarassing. So to messers Donovan (pictured), Beasley, Keller, Ching (if he even gets to play) et al. — please don’t suck tomorrow. It’s as simple as that. At least I’ve got some good racing to look forward to afterward. And hey, there’s always next year, if Barbaro’s little brother starts to get the idea.

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