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Belmont Day

It’s a bit of an odd Belmont; while I like Steppenwolfer to win (and it would be nice to see Sunriver live up to his potential), it’s going to be a strange day. The Times realizes this and has some interesting reflections from the connections of previous Triple Crown winners. Naturally there will be much […]

Pre-Belmont hiatus

Rather than heading to the Belmont as I was planning to do prior to the Preakness, your friendly neighborhood blogger will instead be heading to the beach to decompress from unpacking countless moving boxes and to prepare to head to a conference the day after the race (even if it is an unlikely spot for […]

Were you aware?

I finally watched ‘Let’s Go Racing’ — my new (well, new to me) local racing show from Philadelphia Park. While I can’t recommend it for the production values (think OTB video feed and a camcorder from 1986), it was actually fairly substantive. They discussed the fact that owner Rick Porter has parted ways with trainer […]


Everything continues well on the Barbaro front; his typical day is documented here and he is ‘eating like a king.’ There’s a very well-thought-out piece from the always-spot-on Randy Moss on and another profile of Dr. Richardson. They particularly highlight his candor in his dealings with the press; given the severity of Barbaro’s injury […]

So far, so good…

Barbaro is still doing very well, although of course there are many complications that could occur. They are well-discussed in this Thoroughbred Times article; once again, Barbaro’s positive attitude is highlighted as a key factor in his recovery. There is a longer interview with Peter Brette and he also indicates that Barbaro is in good […]

Barbaro gets a bath, the Hall of Fame gets…no one?

Barbaro has had a real bath, which sounds like another positive sign. There is more video footage of Edgar Prado’s visit on ESPN’s site and there is a great op-ed piece by Laura Hillenbrand on how safety for racehorses (and jockeys, naturally) needs to be carefully studied and improved.

In other news, no comtemporary horses […]