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A Pretty Bright Little Horse

Well done to Showing Up for his fantastic effort in the Colonial Turf Cup! It was a very impressive race; insane fractions were set by longshot Kip Deville who was something approaching 15 lengths in front at some points and who hung on for a strong second. Not only was the victory notable for the time (1:52:98 — almost two seconds faster than the previous track record), but it was also a milestone for jockey Cornelio Velazquez with his 2000th win. Barclay Tagg summed up the race as follows:

“I’ve seen that connection do that with that horse [Kip Deville] before,” said Barclay Tagg, Showing Up’s trainer, who prepared Showing Up for the Turf Cup with workouts on the turf at Belmont Park. “That’s a brilliant rider and a brilliant trainer with that horse. They had me a little worried there, but we have a pretty bright little horse, too.”

It really is nice to hear him so positive about the horse; hopefully Showing Up can make it safely through the Grand Slam of Grass — after all, that series still has a bonus (unlike the Triple Crown) – one well worth the effort. It would be a nice karmic reward for the Jacksons, after all they have done to ensure Barbaro has the best care. (There are some nice comments from them in the articles above as well).

The only downside was the ESPN News coverage; while it was nice to have horse racing featured on ‘normal’ sports news (and during the World Cup to boot), they could at least have had Dick Jerardi’s teleprompter working correctly. At least they got someone knowledgeable; clearly there was an upside to having some of the usual ‘extra’ commentators covering the World Cup (an aside: nice free kick Becks, what was going on with Portugal – Netherlands? Bizarre!) with equal cluelessness. Oh well.

In other news, Nigel No Mates won his race at Colonial Downs as well. Yippee for Nigel and his lovely blond mane! Flower Alley won as well — despite the rain. It sounds as though we won’t see him too many times before the Breeders’ Cup, but hopefully he’ll stay in training; he seems to have a lot of potential and it would be nice to see what he is really capable of.

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