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Normal Service Resumes

Apologies for the dearth of posts lately, I’ve been out of town and then very, very busy (and I don’t even get free press passes anymore, so that slows me down). The Eclipse Awards were as you would expect — no real news to report there.

I am very much looking forward to Sweetnorthernsaint’s return […]

Hard Spun Spin?

By all accounts, Hard Spun looked great in his easy victory, but I am still wary of jumping on (another) two-year-old bandwagon at this point. While he is taking the increasingly-well-trod Smarty Jones path through Arkansas, he has yet to face serious competition of the sort Street Sense demonstrated he is very capable of beating.


Some Good News, Some Not So Good

Apologies for the lack of updates this week; I’m about to start a new job and so it’s been a bit hectic.

I’ve been looking for more details on Afleet Alex’s hernia surgery — it sounds as though all went well, but I am curious to know if this was a known issue or […]

Back to our regularly-scheduled programming

The post position draw was interesting; it should be a good race with Barbaro, Brother Derek and Sweetnorthernsaint all in a row. (It has no doubt been pointed out many times that the 6 is the ‘winningest’ post, most recently courtesy of Smarty Jones).

Speaking of Smarty and thus Three Chimneys, their new commercial ‘from’ […]