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Comings and Goings

The Breeders’ Cup may be over (and, sadly, a chapter closed when Pine Island was buried at Claiborne) but auction and retirement season is in full swing. Just about 48 hours after competing in the Distaff, Sharp Lisa went through the ring, bringing a price of $3.4 million. Apparently she’s set for a visit with […]

Fleet Indian Update

The good news is that it sounds as though Fleet Indian is doing quite well under the circumstances — but owner Paul Saylor voices what I had been wondering as well, which is why it took so long for an ambulance to arrive for her. Clearly Pine Island’s injury was worse, but it seems that […]

Breeders’ Cup Wrap-Up

Well, another Breeders’ Cup is over, but at least I’m only down $40. Here are my thoughts on each race:

Juvenile FilliesDreaming of Anna lived up to her pre-race hype; I’d be most interested to see her mature into a turf miler, though, rather than heading toward the Oaks next year.

JuvenileWell, it was […]

Chalkhills and Children

Breeders’ Cup morning is cold and clear here in Philly (and that’s what matters, isn’t it?) and here are my pre-race stats:

Total Investment: $70Longest Shots Bet: Gatorize, Adrhythm, U D Ghetto, Malt Magic, My Typhoon, Lewis Michael, Sharp Lisa, Flower AlleyPick Sixes: 1 (very chalky)Pick Threes: 1 (slightly more diverse)Trifectas: a fewSuperfectas: None – […]

Breeders’ Cup Picks

The European perspective seems a bit glum in some quarters; in others, they are simply surprised that George Washington is not being seen as a conquering hero by the Americans.

Here in the States, there is comparatively little Bernardini-centered coverage compared with a number of European articles focusing on star horses; one of the few […]

Missing Piece

With Breeders’ Cup day fast approaching, Barbaro’s absence has again been noted by the major press outlets. Michael Matz discusses what might have been in several places (here too) while updates on his condition still garner headlines in the popular press – the news that his cast might come off in the near future is […]