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June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

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Breeders' Cup 2010: Parting Thoughts

High point: Goldikova's hat-trick

High point: Goldikova's hat-trick

As we’ve already covered the Friday races, we’ll just reiterate these two points:

  • Do not cross Calvin Borel.  Do feel free to pitch a reality TV show in which he becomes a boxer or MMA star – it may be wrong, but it would be a guilty pleasure. #jockeyfight

  • Life At Ten: luckily, she is doing well now.  Is there more to the story? So it would seem.

Moving swiftly on to Saturday’s races…

  • Was there an issue with the turf course that led to Rough Sailing’s demise in the Juvenile Turf? If so, was it something identified by Workforce’s connections, who elected to scratch him, rather than run in the Turf – or was the apparently slippery nature brought about by their continual complaints that it was too firm?  Or did the horse simply take a bad step? In any event, was anything done to ensure the safety of the other horses and jockeys who were to run over the same course later in the day, or was the lack of further accidents simply a happy accident?

  • It was good to see Big Drama take the Sprint – a talented horse who was finally put in the correct category – we’ll later get to some others who were not.

  • Chamberlain Bridge was another feel-good winner in the Turf Sprint – as much for coming from Penn National to win a Breeders’ Cup race as for our account balance.

  • The Great ESPN Breeders’ Cup/College Football Fail of 2010: this isn’t hard, folks – you just need a plan.  The iPad app was actually fantastic for this sort of emergency (and so much better than the web site), but I should not have had to dash off to fetch it.

  • Uncle Mo certainly looked impressive in the Juvenile – it’s a shame his plan for next year is to have two starts, then to be out with a mild injury he picks up just before the Derby as a result of not racing enough.

  • Goldikova cubed!  Huzzah! C’est magnifique!  For those Europeans who think we in North America have been overlooking the great mare’s accomplishments, rest assurred she has a fanbase here as well – one that is thrilled to know she will be coming back next year to go for a fourpeat.  Bring it!  Let’s also give a special shout-out to a very game Gio Ponti in second place – it’s not his fault he keeps running into ladymonsters in the Breeders’ Cup.

  • The Dirt Mile had Quality Road’s name all over it – an interesting betting race, at his absolutely ideal distance – and one he was not entered in.  It’s handy he’s retired now, so he won’t need to have a neon sign made that attaches to his bridle that declares I DO NOT WANT TO GO MUCH BEYOND A MILE, THANKS.  One wonders whether he would have also excelled at turf miles (or sprints), given the Antipodean half of his pedigree – but we’ll never know. Still, having been on the Triple Crown trail and thrown a fit in the gate before last year’s Classic has probably given him a higher profile with the general public than Blame, who only seems to be mentioned in conjunction with Zenyatta – does that count for something?

  • After the increasingly annoying will-he-or-won’t-he-scratch game that took place before the Turf, Workforce is headed back to Europe – but luckily, he will be staying in training.  Perhaps he’ll deign to run in the Turf next year.  In any event, it was lovely to see Frankie Dettori’s Flying DismountTM – but imagine what Paddy O’Prado might have done in the race.  Winning or finishing in the money would have been much more impressive than his Classic appearance – and even if Workforce had run, Paddy would still have been in with a fine shot.  Next year?  We should also recall the race as the final hurrah for Mine That Bird – not just a flukey Derby winner, but a top-rated 2-year-old before that who, apparently, just wasn’t that into D. Wayne Lukas.  A side note: where was Chantal Sutherland?

  • We’ve already done our reasonably serious essayist bit on Zenyatta and Blame, so do check it out if you have not yet stopped by – and if you’d like a little light comedy on who should be Horse of the Year (if you’re into that sort of thing), check out this DRF blog which suggests you consider Uncle Mo, with his three lifetime starts, because that’s so similar to the time Secretariat was Horse of the Year at 2.


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