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Weekend Preview I: The Wood Memorial

All eyes will be on I Want Revenge on Saturday in the Wood Memorial; it goes without saying that the colt looks very tough to beat. Hopefully the focus will remain on him for all the right reasons, but he’s been saddled (as it were) with some baggage – a trainer with a taste for milkshakes and bling, and an expanded ownership group now including IEAH, who are apparently operating in Must Buy Derby Horse mode (although it would have been cheaper to simply get a luxury box for the day if they simply wanted to go to the race – I’m sure Churchill Downs would have been happy to put together a deal, since they still have Stardom Bound in the Oaks).

Given this group of shady connections, it could be difficult to root for I Want Revenge – however, I don’t have the aversion for him I had for Big Brown for two major reasons: first, he’s had reasonably solid foundation (seven starts – which nowadays seems remarkable for a high-level 3-year-old) showing improvement over time; secondly, he’s got an interesting pedigree, with a lot of Argentine blood on his dam’s side. (One would hope he puts in a better performance on Saturday than Argentina’s amusingly lamentable World Cup qualifier yesterday, in which the Hand of God apparently allowed Diego Maradona’s side to get hammered 6-1 by Bolivia).

However, he should have some good competition from horses who seem to be maturing just at the right time – notably from Imperial Council. But this race may or may not be a Derby prep for the lightly-raced son of Empire Maker – it all depends on where and how he finishes. West Side Bernie is hoping to rebound from his disappointing Lane’s End effort and the switch back to real dirt could do the trick for him. Some are excited about Atomic Rain and Lime Rickey, but this race is I Want Revenge’s to lose – on paper.

We’ll see what happens on the day!

3 comments to Weekend Preview I: The Wood Memorial

  • Handride

    Check out bolivia’s record at home, it’s at such high altitude they always win, they have some big wins there, and if i remember at the last WC qualifier they won some tourney cause it was at home for them.

  • Valerie

    So, who do you like in the Golden Slipper? After heavy rains all week, the turf looks to be Heavy. Big night of Aussie racing on Friday–can’t wait!

  • Wind Gatherer

    The pitch at the stadium is also notoriously, sub-par. The late flight in, no chance to acclimatize and the heat all did them in.

    I wouldn’t put any stock in the result. As much as I think Maradona is a jagoff…

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