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But How Will His Stud Fee Be Affected?

Will he be as expensive as this horse?  Is the dollar even worth that much now?Finally, someone is asking the important questions about Big Brown’s retirement!

Case Clay, president of Three Chimneys, said he’s saddened by the news and isn’t sure when Big Brown would arrive at the farm.

“We’re just going to let the horse kind of dictate that, let him heal from his foot injury and whenever he’s healed and ready, he’ll come,” Clay said.

The injury could also affect Big Brown’s stud fee. The farm negotiated a breeding deal reportedly worth $50 million. A win in the BC Classic could have upped the asking price, though Clay is sure Big Brown will still command a high-dollar fee.

“He’s the best of his generation,” Clay said. “I think his stud fee will be different if he won the Classic, what that’ll be, I’m not sure.”

But hey, he’s the ‘best of his generation’ – at least in what little North America had to show for his birth year (among colts). I would imagine Case Clay is sad about having negotiated such a crappy deal for his farm (and I wonder if his father is having second thoughts about having handed over the reins in this particular instance). It seems to fit in with our current economic situation, though — too much money invested for ever-diminishing returns. Truly, a horse for our times!

Let’s not forget his sire, Boundary, in all of this:

Big Brown’s sire, Boundary, had eight races before injuries, including chronic quarter cracks, ended his career. Bill Mott, Boundary’s trainer, told the Louisville Courier-Journal he had “a lot of soundness issues,” particularly with his feet.

Even if quarter cracks aren’t heritable, as [Dr. Dan] Dreyfuss said, there could be a connection with other foot problems.

“I have experience with several stallions who had foot problems,” said Dr. Tom Bowman, a veterinarian and partner of Northview Stallion Station. “And those foot problems very often are reflected in offspring, although not quarter cracks per se.”

I’m reversing my previously-held opinion about keeping Zenyatta out of this year’s Classic — without the Big Brown/Curlin showdown to create a media circus, let her run!

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