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June: Fairy Chant
b. 1937
Why: A champion at 3 and 4, Fairy Chant won the Beldame twice. She was in the money for 26 of her 42 races.

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No Shame in Second

For his first effort on turf (and against two Breeders’ Cup winners), Curlin’s second-place finish to Red Rocks was encouraging indeed. His outside post and slightly slow start kept him well in the middle of the track; in my opinion it was a very useful learning experience (and it’s never a bad thing to pick up a paycheck for that).

It was a great effort from Better Talk Now (he didn’t seem to miss Shake the Bank, who will be running tomorrow in the Caesar Rodney at Delaware Park) as well to get up for third. Clearly the three Breeders’ Cup winners were much the best. One hopes that Team Curlin will see a second place finish on turf as being exactly what it is — not a bad beginning.

5 comments to No Shame in Second

  • libby

    Yeah, the break was not sharp. What a crazy speed duel, I am not sure what that was all about.

    I think perhaps a time out should be in order for Curlin, hang out at the farm for awhile and eat the grass, play on the grass then train on the grass. To come in second not being ready for grass is phenominal, will he be ready for Longchamp?-humm, he might need more time, so what is the hurry?-run him one more year on grass only, let him do France next year.
    Jet aircraft transport and running a grade 1 on grass within 48 hours is not the ideal situation. It is a shame Curlin’s team had to dick around and wait for the OK to go anywhere and run.

    On the other hand,I cannot help but think if he ran in the Arlington grade 3, work out for a month, then tackle the Million should have been the way to go. He would have had, for the most part, his usual procedure. But how do you put a horse like Curlin in a grade 3? I would have anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what would happen if he ran against Kip Deville? I know how much everyone here loves Dutrow and his horses.

  • Superfecta

    Actually, I like Kip Deville – he’s proven himself time and again. We only dislike unwarranted hype in this shop…

    Curlin has a long way to go to be anywhere near the top (or even middle) European level on turf, but it doesn’t mean he might not have it in him.

  • Blah

    Holy shit, would you people stop bowing down at the altar of curlin. He is a good horse, period, not a great horse or a “freak.” The last race he won was dog-slow.

  • Anonymous

    Curlin was beaten by a GIRL.

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