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Speaking of Big Brown…

Big Brown has settled in well at Belmont:

Big Brown’s co-owner, Mike Iavarone, revealed the unbeaten three-year-old has already acclimatised to New York life.

“Once he arrived at Barn Two, Big Brown made himself at home,” said Iavarone.

“He munched some hay, awaited for his red, rubber ball to be hung outside of his stall and spent a good part of his time stretching his neck as far as he could to his right to touch noses with a chestnut filly named Moonlight Alice.

“He’s already trying to make friends, but he wants her to know she has to win at least one Grade One if she is going to have any shot with him.”

It sounds as though Big Brown has some nice distractions nearby that should keep his mind off his burned heels. I have not seen this officially confirmed elsewhere, but the Melbourne Herald-Sun is reporting that the Belmont will be his final race (indeed, another article suggests that it is likely — by contrast, the opposite view is maintained here – make of that what you will). Perhaps Moonlight Alice should make more obvious overtures.

4 comments to Speaking of Big Brown…

  • Michael

    So far 80% of the people voting on my blog also think it will be his final race. I haven’t voted, but agree.

    I wonder if it is a part of the three chimneys agreement…

  • Ernie


    he good fwendly bawy with a wed ball!

    (just shoot me now)

  • Superfecta

    He is adorable with the red ball. I do wish we could have seen more coverage of the horse, instead of his peeps…

  • SaratogaSpa

    Well, I go with the article saying he will run after the Belmont as the only article that quotes Ivarone is the Newsday article , and Ivarone is quoted in that article as stating he will run after the Belmont. Also on my blog there is a link to a article quoting Dutrow saying he wants to run BB in the Travers and Breeders Cup.

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